Bike Accidents in Traffic Lanes in Pennsylvania

Cyclists are especially vulnerable when in a collision with a motor vehicle. The average bike and rider weighs under 200lbs, and the average passenger car weighs thousands of pounds. This alone puts the cyclist at a great disadvantage in an accident.

Cyclist in Critical Condition After Colliding With Car in Richmond Township

A cyclist was struck by a car while riding in a group of riders on Route 222 near Shuler Road just south of Kutztown. According to police, the accident happened Saturday, May 2, 2020, around 4 pm when a cyclist changed lanes and was struck by a car that had also just changed lanes to move around the group of cyclists.

Travel Lane Bike Injury Accidents in Philadelphia

In Pennsylvania, cyclists are allowed to ride in the street with other vehicles so long as they keep up with the speed of traffic and obey all other traffic laws. On highways where the speed limit is too high for a cyclist to operate their bike, cyclists are allowed to ride on the shoulder or on the far-right hand side of the lane.

In a downtown region or in a neighborhood where cyclists can keep up with the flow of traffic, cyclists can ride in the lane with motor vehicles, and the law treats the bicycle as just another vehicle on the road. However, once the cyclist is unable to keep up, such as roads and highways with higher speed limits, then the cyclist must move over to the far right-hand side of the lane or the shoulder of the roadway.

Pennsylvania also has a law that requires a motorist when passing a bicycle on the streets to give them at least three feet of space to avoid a collision.

Bicycle vs Car Liability

At the Pearce Law Firm, Personal Injury and Accident Lawyers, P.C., we know how dangerous riding a bicycle can be, and we have represented cyclists in their claim for compensation for their injuries due to the negligence of a motor vehicle driver.

The law does not treat cyclists as second-hand citizens when it comes to riding on the highways. In fact, a cyclist has just as much right to the road as any car driver. However, the law also reflects how dangerous it is for the cyclists when there is a collision with a motor vehicle and thus requires riders to move over to the right when the speed limit is too high.

When there is an accident, this doesn’t mean that the cyclist is automatically at fault in a collision on a higher speed limit road. Each driver has a duty to operate their vehicle such that others around them can proceed in safety. The law takes into consideration the vulnerability of the cyclist and the risk for death and injury when the two collide.

If you’ve been injured by the negligence of a motor vehicle driver, then you need to talk to an attorney who understands bicycle liability and injury laws and can stand with you in your claim for justice and fair compensation.

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