How Do I Get an Accident Report in Philadelphia?

Here’s how to get an accident report:

  1. Fill out the Accident Report Application. You will need the date and location of the accident, district control number, Philadelphia Code, driver’s name, and insured party.
  2. Fill out this affidavit, and include a government-issued ID. If you do not have one, attach this form with documentation proving identification.
  3. Include payment using Check or Money Order made payable to “City of Philadelphia”. Accident reports are $25. Photos are often available if there was a serious injury or death and they cost $27 for the first print and $9 for each additional.
  4. Pick up the accident report in person or request a copy by mail including a self-addressed stamped envelope using this address: Records Department, ATTN: Accident Reports, Room 168, Philadelphia PA. 19107.

Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in an accident involving a serious injury or a loved one passed away during the collision, be sure to contact Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Edith Pearce for a free consultation. The Pearce Law Firm is dedicated to helping car accident victims, and our attorneys will offer you and your family personal attention and compassion unlike many other law firms.

Above you will find instructions for how to obtain a police accident report from Philadelphia Police Department’s record division which provides reports for accidents in Philadelphia County. While your insurer may do this for you, obtaining this report is just one of the many steps people will need to do after any type of pedestrian or car accident. If you have more than a property damage claim, such as an injury, it is advised to at least consult with an attorney. If needed and retained, we will obtain these reports on your behalf.

Who Can Request a Copy of a Philadelphia Car Accident Report?

People who may obtain car accident reports include individuals involved in the accident, automobile insurance companies, injury attorneys representing clients involved in the accident and other government agencies. Accident reports are available about 2 weeks after they are reported to the police. If you are one of these individuals, obtain your report follow the steps above.

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