Philadelphia Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

The Pearce Law Firm has handled countless car accidents in Philadelphia. We are able to help victims pick up the pieces of accidents caused by drunk drivers, texting drivers, hit & run accidents, and any other accident resulting from negligence. We are there to handle what the police can’t, what the doctors wish they could, and what your family hopes for. We help piece your life back together financially, making sure that the drunk driver’s insurance or sometimes just the careless and distracted driver’s insurance pays what you need and deserve.

Having an experienced personal injury attorney who knows the dynamics of drunk driving cases and has first-hand knowledge of how insurance companies attempt to manipulate things to their advantage makes all the difference. We make sure every detail in the accident that involves you is properly addressed. We don’t let insurance companies try to settle with an unfair offer.

Navigating The Philadelphia Legal System For You

Victims of drunk driving don’t feel like they’re are accident victims. We understand; you are the victim of a capricious act of violence. In addition to your injury claim, the driver is also facing criminal charges. This creates a maze of court appearances and maybe even a trial against the drunk driver, all at the same time we sort through the elements of your civil case for money damages. We have the experience in these types of cases to make sure you and your rightful compensation don’t get lost in the shuffle.

The Smartest Philadelphia Attorney In The Room

When dealing with the attorneys representing the driver’s insurance company, you will appreciate having someone who knows how to present your case with the necessary details to obtain your maximum settlement. We make sure you receive compensation for all of your losses, including current and future medical bills, possible rehabilitation, lost income, lost opportunity, lost property, as well as pain and suffering. We know how to present these items with the detail a judge or jury would easily understand if we need to go to trial. In addition to the emotional elements of your case, we are intelligent enough to know where facts and hard figures are critical.

At The Pearce Law Firm, we believe you deserve the maximum compensation from your claim. We have the skill and experience to make sure you get it. Give us a call today.