Philadelphia Car Accident Broken Bone Lawyer

There are several ways to fracture or break a bone in a car accident. Because there are different types of fractured bones, you may not even immediately realize you have one. Broken bones can occur in car accidents due to blunt force trauma or crushing weight, such as when a person is pinned in a car.

Although a broken bone may not sound as serious as other accident injuries such as head trauma, they can lead to serious complications and create unexpected expenses. And when another driver is responsible for the accident, an entire set of additional complications must be dealt with Treatment and recovery can be stressful enough without having to manage legal complications, insurance negotiations, and the finances of a car accident injury. However, the lawyers at the Pearce Law Firm can help you navigate these processes and make sure the right person is held responsible for your injuries.

Risks That Come with Broken Bones

A broken bone or fractured bone normally heals correctly once set and protected by a splint or cast. There are, however, occasions when a break is so severe that pins or plates installed via surgery may be required. When this happens, it may mean that even after the surgery, the affected limb and bone may be weaker and not function as they once did.

In open fractures, there is also the risk of a bone infection. This occurs when bacteria contaminate the inside of the exposed bone. This is a serious condition that—unfortunately—does sometimes occur in broken bones sustained during car accidents.

If you fail to seek treatment immediately for any bone injury, your condition could worsen. Additionally, if you seek compensation later, your initial failure to take your injury seriously could jeopardize your case.

Expense of Treatment After a Car Accident

Any type of ongoing medical treatment after a car accident is almost always expensive. This is particularly true of the worst broken bones, which may require surgery and rehabilitative therapy. But even minor broken and fractured bones may require expensive testing, medication, and medical devices such as braces and splints.

During this time, your ability to work or perform daily functions may be limited. In addition to the medical bills, you may also face lost income and an inability to carry out the day-to-day tasks you once could without a second thought.

The Pearce Law Firm Can Help You Seek Compensation

Working with an experienced legal team can greatly reduce the stress and uncertainty of properly valuing your claim and navigating the legal process. If your car accident was someone else’s fault, you shouldn’t have to bear the weight of the resulting financial burden alone.

If you or someone you know has been in a car accident that resulted in broken bones or other injuries, let the experienced attorneys of the Pearce Law Firm build your case and help you seek the compensation you deserve. To arrange a meeting to discuss your accident, call us at 215-557-8686 or complete the form at the bottom of this page.