Philadelphia Pokémon Go Car Accident Lawyer

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game that is sweeping the nation. The basic premise behind the game is to find and catch as many digital creatures known as “Pokémon” as possible. To do this, users must open the app on their phone and wait for an alert that one of the cartoon monsters is nearby.

The problem is that the game operates based on a mobile device’s GPS signal in real time, so many people are more focused on the game while they are on the go than they are on other activities—such as driving and walking. For drivers and pedestrians, this can result in car accidents and serious injuries. When a driver playing an augmented reality game leads to a distracted driving accident, you’ll need an experienced Philadelphia Pokémon Go car accident lawyer from the Pearce Law Firm, PC to help you get justice.

Pokémon Go and Liability

The makers of Pokémon Go foresaw that there could be problems with app users being irresponsible when playing the game. Because of this, the first thing players see after loading the game is an alert that reminds them to pay attention to their surroundings and not play the game while driving.

However, as with the laws against texting while driving, some people choose to ignore the warning. Additionally, if an app user is travelling at a speed unattainable by walking, the game will again warn them against playing while driving, requiring users to affirm that they are a passenger.

When distracted driving accidents happen, the at-fault driver may attempt to blame the makers of Pokémon Go, but the app repeatedly warns users against playing while behind the wheel. In most cases, if you are in an accident with someone who was playing while driving, that person can be held responsible for the accident.

Distracted Driving and Pokémon Go

It is always dangerous to use a cell phone while driving, and it’s difficult to say just how many accidents are caused by cell phone use, let alone other forms of distracted driving. This is because not all drivers admit to what they were doing at the time of an accident, and proof of distracted driving isn’t always obvious.

In fact, one study showed that only about half of distracted driving accidents are accurately recorded as caused by driver distraction. This means that even if the numbers appear low, they are likely far worse than what they seem. Pokémon Go and other augmented reality games are additional elements that could become a dangerous contributor to the distracted driving issue.

Why You Need Experienced Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers

Underreported or not, if you happen to be in a car accident with someone who was focused on Pokémon Go instead of driving, an experienced Philadelphia Pokémon Go car accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. Make certain the right person is held responsible for your accident.

If you or someone you know has been in a car accident because of Pokémon Go or other types of distracted driving, our experienced attorneys at the Pearce Law Firm, PC can evaluate and your case and inform you of your options for financial compensation. Please call our office at 215-557-8686 or submit the form below for a free consultation.