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Philadelphia Snow and Ice Slip and Fall Accidents

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Snow and ice can cause serious injuries when someone falls. In Philadelphia, the average low is near or below freezing from November through March. This means a lot of slick surfaces, and with those come falls and injuries.

These surfaces get slick in a few different ways. Snow falls and ice forms on parking lot surfaces, sidewalks and other walkways making these areas a hazard for the public. The hazard doesn’t end outside the stores and other buildings as people carry the snow and ice inside the store making the inside floor a hazard as well.

Public Areas in Philadelphia Affected by Snow and Ice

The most obvious places of concern are retail stores and other businesses people need to access on a daily basis. Others include:

  • Post Office
  • Gas Stations
  • Subway Stations
  • Train Stations
  • Tourist Areas
  • Government Buildings/Offices
  • Worksites

These are just a few of the many places affected by cold weather conditions. When someone does fall in one of these places, who’s to blame?

Common Types of Injuries in a Snow and Ice Slip and Fall:

There are many ways a person can get hurt on a snow and ice. Most happened by simply slipping on a slick surface, but an injury could also come from tripping over a large chunk of shoveled snow that wasn’t removed from the walkway, for example.

These falls can be dangerous and cause serious injuries. Some of the most common in a snow and ice slip and fall are:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Concussions
  • Facial Bone Crush
  • Bone Fractures
  • Fractured wrists
  • Broken Arms
  • Shoulder/Hip Injury
  • Ankle Fracture/Sprain


Who’s Responsible for Snow and Ice?

On one hand it would seem unfair to pin the blame on the owner of the property, however, Pennsylvania law gives any owner of property that is open to the public a duty to keep walkways, sidewalks and store entryways safe.

This duty is balanced with the normal risk a person takes going out in the snow and cold to begin with. The law will require a store owner to take reasonable steps to clear their entranceway from the effects of the show and ice. For example, they can put rock salt down after shoveling away the snow before they open up and then put mats on the entranceway to collect the snow and ice as it melts and falls to the floor.

Defense to Slip and Fall Claim

Pennsylvania law will also allow a property owner to take reasonable steps to protect people from the hazard of winter weather, and if they did what was reasonable—which is judged by what other reasonable shop owners would do under similar circumstances—the owner likely isn’t liable.

Contact a Philadelphia Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer Today.

Making a successful snow and ice slip and fall can be difficult. Many people wonder if they need an attorney to make a claim. The truth is, you are going up against an insurance company both of whom have experience in handling these cases. They know the how hard it is to make the claim, and they know the weaknesses in a case and the defenses the law allows.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall, you need to talk to someone who has experience in making successful claims. You need a Philadelphia Slip and Fall Attorney. Someone who is going to be on your side and can make the system work for you. The insurance companies and store owners go through these claims all the time, and they are experienced at finding ways to pay you little or nothing.

At The Pearce Law Firm, P.C., we’ve handled many slip and fall cases. Insurance companies routinely deal with these cases, but it’s possible that this is your first—and hopefully only—one. They know how to pay you as little as possible or none at all and will often try to blame you for your injuries.

Contact us today for a free consultation and case evaluation after any type of accident which resulted in a serious injury.

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