Philadelphia 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

Since big rigs often weigh as much as 80,000 pounds (cars weigh around just 5,000 pounds), truck accidents can cause catastrophic damage to everyone and everything involved. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, there were 6,596 accidents involving large trucks in the state in 2014. Of these, 2,597 resulted in property damage, 2,863 included injuries, and 136 ended in fatalities. If you find yourself involved in one of these unfortunate accidents, be certain to contact a Philadelphia 18-wheeler accident lawyer from the Pearce Law Firm, PC.

Don’t Accept a Quick Settlement

What you do in the aftermath of a crash has an impact on what type of financial award you receive. Injuries you sustained could become permanent disabilities or worsen over time. Accepting a quick settlement can deny you of the care you need down the line.

Be careful what you say to anyone who contacts you about your 18-wheeler accident, as they can carefully notate your words—possibly to use them out of context against you later. Even your own insurance company will want to keep costs down when they compensate you.

Once you receive a medical evaluation from a doctor, make sure to have any injuries fully documented. Always follow your doctor’s advice and attend any follow-up visits. If you fail to proceed as prescribed, it may appear that you’re not as injured as you really are. Your Philadelphia 18-wheeler accident lawyer can help explain these specifics to you.

Finding Fault for Truck Accidents

In a year-long national survey on drug use and health in 2014, 10 million people aged twelve years old and above reported that they drove under the influence of illicit drugs at one point or another. Not only could the tractor-trailer driver from your accident be guilty of drunk or drugged driving, he or she may also have been distracted or driving aggressively. All of these are unlawful, reckless behaviors that put the blame on the truck driver.

Witnesses, video cameras, tire marks, crash debris, and police reports can all yield signs that point to the cause of an accident. A careful investigation performed by a Philadelphia 18-wheeler accident lawyer from our firm can uncover evidence of wrongdoing.

The Truck Driver May Be Innocent

The trucker is not always to blame, however. The vehicle itself can fail, or a manufacturer or mechanic can do negligent work. Some non-driver-related crash causes include tire, brake, power train, or steering failures; overloaded or unsecured trailers; and improper towing.

Sometimes the truck driver is a victim of the employer’s shoddy business practices. Some companies give them unrealistic delivery deadlines or cut corners on safety measures. The company the driver was hauling for may also have supplied hazardous goods.

It’s also possible that someone may have scrimped on the multitude of inspections required for safe operation approval. Inspection records have a shelf life, however, after which they can be destroyed. It’s vital to get someone on the case right away who knows what to look for, so be sure to contact a Philadelphia 18-wheeler accident lawyer from our firm as soon as possible.

It’s essential to act quickly to preserve valuable evidence. We’ll need to contact all record-keeping parties to ensure truck driver and inspection logs are not destroyed. Some of the records that need to be examined include all of the following:

  • Onboard computers
  • Weight limits
  • Licenses
  • Driver logs
  • Broker liability
  • Drug and alcohol tests
  • Police reports
  • Hiring practices (Was the driver already a known high risk?)
  • Inspection records (There are six levels, and the first has twenty-six steps alone!)

Unsafe and Dangerous Roads

Not only can trucking-related entities be responsible for your crash, but local, state, or federal government agencies may also have contributed through unsafe roads or missing or improper signs.

A construction crew hired by the government may have left their site unsecure and unsafe. An example would be traffic barriers that lead to nowhere or missing signs that send tractor-trailers careening out of their lane and into other vehicles.

To secure the best case for you, many angles need to be researched. Your Philadelphia 18-wheeler accident lawyer can help you through all of these steps and can tell you what he or she thinks your case is worth.

Get What You Deserve

Even if negligence is proven and a settlement is due, the trucking company may have inadequate insurance coverage. A skilled Philadelphia 18-wheeler accident lawyer from the Pearce Law Firm, PC will know what to do and how to seek proper compensation for your damages.

To get what you deserve, it’s important to contact an attorney quickly before inspection records expire and other evidence is lost. We have handled many truck accident cases, and we know how to navigate the legal intricacies involved. Call us obligation-free at 215-557-8686 to speak with a knowledgeable Philadelphia 18-wheeler accident lawyer or complete the form below.