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More than any other type of vehicle, trucks and tractor-trailers are particularly susceptible to rolling over. Approximately 9% of all large truck crashes involve rollovers. A truck rollover occurs when a truck travels along a curved path and the centrifugal force causes the truck to lean away from the direction of the curve. A truck’s high center of gravity is the major contributing factor to whether the vehicle is likely to overturn.

Truck rollover accidents are caused by an event that increases the momentum about the longitudinal axis of the vehicle. These include turning the vehicle too quickly or the driver allowing one side of the vehicle to drop or rise suddenly. A study from the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine analyzed numerous truck rollover accidents to identify common causes that lead to rollover accidents.

The study found that speed is the largest contributor to rollover crashes, with speed being involved in 45% of crashes. Speeding does not just mean traveling at very high speeds. Rather, speeding means exceeding what is safe for the particular combination of vehicle and road characteristics, such as misjudging curves and on- and off-ramps. Lack of driver attention also significantly contributes to truck rollover accidents, such as inattention, lack of sleep, and driver distraction.

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Keys to Preventing Truck Rollover Accidents

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a majority of truck rollovers, or 78%, occur because of driver error. In fact, drivers are 10 times more likely to cause a rollover accident than any other factor. Recognizing that most rollover accidents can and should be prevented, the FMCSA wants to ensure that truck drivers are informed about proper driving techniques. The FMCSA hopes that educating drivers will help allow them to prevent truck rollover accidents. In this regard, the FMCSA recommends that drivers:

  • Avoid sudden jerks and movements on the road that may cause rollovers;
  • Identify high risk areas on the roads;
  • Remain alert and attentive behind the wheel, which includes getting enough rest; and
  • Control speed and maintain proper speed cushions.

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