Recent Slip & Fall Verdicts and Cases in Pennsylvania

If you’re looking for recent slip and fall case verdicts in the state of Pennsylvania, here are a few recent examples and what happened as a result.

1.  Slip and Fall in Parking Lot in Hazelton, PA

icy parking lotEdward Stobodzian’s appeal in a Pennsylvania slip and fall case issued against PNC Bank, Varsity Lawn Care and J&J Snowplowing has been denied by The Pennsylvania Superior Court. The Plaintiff’s argument centered on the idea that the judge in the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas had given improper jury instructions by asking them to consider the so-called “hills and ridges doctrine” before deliberations. In slip and fall cases involving snow and ice, the plaintiff may have to prove that the snow and ice had accumulated unreasonably on the walkway in ridges or elevations that caused a dangerous condition.  This doctrine gives the landowner a reasonable time to make the area safe and/or remove the snow and ice when there is a fresh sudden snowfall.  The Superior Court ruled the jury instruction was proper in this case.

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2.  High School Slip-and-Fall Case Settles for $5 million

Maria Mangano, former director of career services at Mercy Vocational High School, was awarded a $5 million settlement when she suffered severe injuries after slipping on an unmarked wet floor while at her North Philadelphia place of employment. Mangano was asked to unlock a door by an employee at Wargo Floors so that he could place flooring in the doors threshold, but the employee neglected to warn Mangano that a slippery transparent coating of adhesive had already been applied to the floor. She slipped and fell and landed hard on her back, leading to extensive life-altering injuries.

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3.  Slip and Fall Settlement of $58,500 in Bucks County

A Penn State University student accepted a settlement of $58,500 after she slipped and fell while visiting the Bucks County Intergalactic Spaceport, a tourist attraction not far from Doylestown, PA. She and her boyfriend were running around the crop circle section of the attraction when she slipped on a green gelatinous material and landed hard on her shoulder. She was an accomplished sculptor and her injuries were sever enough to render her unable to fulfill commission commitments she had made to a new office building in Philadelphia. Her settlement was awarded to compensate her medical expenses and her pain and suffering. 

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