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Recent Pennsylvania Dog Bite Settlement Payouts in Pennsylvania

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Average Dog Bite Settlements in Pennsylvania

How Much is a Dog Bite Claim Worth in PennsylvaniaPennsylvania is in the top 5 states for dog bite claim payouts according to State Farm. In 2021, State Farm paid $7.4 million in dog-related injury claims. The stats show that there were over 150 claims filed and $7.4 million claims paid. Dog bite settlements increased nationally by 3% with State Farm paying out $164 million dollars for over 3,260 dog-related injuries.

It is common when an individual experiences a dog bite it leaves not only physical scarring but emotional as well. Those that have suffered injuries from dog bites will typically continue to show symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, and trauma on a long-term basis. Hiring a lawyer cannot stop the emotional and physical damages brought on by experiencing a dog bite injury, but it can support you in getting justice against the negligent dog owner.

The Pearce Law Firm has a team of experienced Philadelphia dog bite lawyers that are empathetic to your individual needs. We understand that if you are struggling with medical bills, lost wages, or trauma after a dog bite accident, you cannot focus on recovery. That is where we step in to help. From the moment you hire a dog bite accident lawyer, you will feel a sense of relief knowing that your case will be handled with the utmost care.

Real-Life Pennsylvania Dog Bite Injury Settlement

$175,000 Settlement After Minor Was Attacked by Dog (2021) 

A minor child was riding their bike when attacked by a dog leaving multiple bite wounds. The child ran from the dog as it continued to chase them, their mother lifted them over a fence to stop the attack. After evaluating the injuries done from the dog bites, the child suffered multiple lacerations and bite wounds with permanent scarring to their thighs, calves, feet, ankles, and arm. In addition to the multiple wounds, they lost interest in all previously loved activities and experienced anxiety and PTSD. The minor through her parents contended that the dog owner was negligent and failed to take the proper precautions to keep a dog she knew or should have known to be dangerous and have propensities from existing on the property, failing to guard against the misconduct of her dog, failing to properly secure the dog on her property, and failing to exercise due care. The parties settled the case for the amount of $175,000. 

Hiring a Dog Bite Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia

You or your loved one’s pain and suffering from a dog bite injury accident is worth hiring an experienced lawyer to get you the compensation you deserve. The Pearce Law Firm is here to support you during this stressful time. Schedule an appointment today by calling us at one of our offices near you. 

The Pearce Law Firm is dedicated to protecting your rights and obtaining full and fair compensation for you.

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Reviews for Settlements Handled by The Pearce Law Firm

“Ms. Pearce was attentive in hearing my case, was very sympathetic, and took great care, looked out, and stayed on top of my case, even when I gave up on it, to the point that she negotiated a surprising settlement that was more than I expected! She and her assistant did all of the hard work in dealing with the doctors, hospitals, and company during my small ‘slip and fall’ case. But what did Ms. Pearce say – no case is too small for us. You are important! What a blessing!”

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