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Philadelphia Personal Injury Reviews

When it comes to finding the best personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia, you’ll want a reliable, honest and friendly attorney to put you first! At The Pearce Law Firm, Personal Injury and Accident Attorney, we pride ourselves on our outstanding reputation as one of Philadelphia’s best law firms. You don’t have to take our word for it – read lawyer reviews from dozens of our satisfied clients below.

Please read our law firm reviews below to see why The Pearce Law Firm, Personal Injury and Accident Attorney are the best attorneys in Philadelphia!

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A collision between my bicycle and a car a few years ago left me with a fractured left clavicle and thousands of dollars worth of medical bills. Unfortunately, the driver’s insurance company tried to settle my claim for less money than what my initial hospital visit cost! Their representatives were condescending and scornful towards my injury and its expense, and ultimately unwilling to level with me and my perspective. That’s when I made the choice to call Edith Pearce and schedule an appointment to discuss my situation. From the get-go, she was honest and upfront regarding everything from her rates (no fee unless I recovered) to the status of my claim and its value. She has had years of experience in the insurance industry, and she knows the minutiae of insurance policies like the back of her hand. Her vision is wide-ranging and precise; she will guide you along the claims process in a very timely and efficient manner. Thanks to her hard work, I was able to attain a settlement that exceeded my highest expectations. Moreover, she is one of the smartest and most perceptive people that I have met in my life. So please, do your case a favor and retain an attorney who cares, knows what you’re worth, and is willing to fight tooth-and-nail for your maximum benefit.

Dunstan Horng

We had a complicated case that Edie was able to get to Mediation before a Judge. At the Mediation, it was clear Edie ran circles around the other lawyers. She was clearly the smartest lawyer in the room. I guess I should have known as she is a member of MENSA, which only allows member in the top 2% of IQ scores. We received a GREAT settlement. What a great and smart lawyer.


My mother was in an accident while a passenger in a van. I knew my mother would not be comfortable with most attorneys. Edie was very compassionate and understanding. Yet, she was very tough with the insurance company. She was very thorough in getting all the medical bills paid. My mother received a settlement that I could not have imagined.


When my Dad was fired from his job, we suspected it was because of his age. I knew I needed to call Edie. I wanted the best. I knew Edie had been selected by Philadelphia Magazine as a “Super Lawyer” and has been on TV multiple times. My Dad was thrilled with Edie at the initial hearing with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission. My Dad settled his case and ended up with a nice size check to add to his retirement. Edie is truly super!


I was involved in an accident in which I injured my hand. Since I was not working, I was worried I would not receive much in compensation. The insurance company offered me a settlement, but I was not sure if I should take it. I wanted a female attorney I could trust
I called Edie and she handled everything. I received a settlement that was more than triple what I was offered by the insurance company. Boy, I am glad I called Edie…she tripled my settlement!


I went to one of those large firms with dozens of attorneys and they did not seem interested in my case. Edith treated me with respect and listened to me. She was able to obtain a settlement for me beyond any expectations I had. She is truly a great attorney and I will always be grateful.


We began seeking an attorney shortly after my husband, daughter and I were all injured in a bus accident. We were injured in Pennsylvania, although residents of California, so we had to rely on word of mouth and reputation to select an attorney to represent us. We were not disappointed with the Pearce Law Firm. Edith and her team took such good care of us, even coast-to-coast long distance. All of our questions were answered and communication was never an issue. We were so happy with the results of our case and feel that we were well represented at every step of the process. I would recommend to anyone that has been involved in a personal injury situation to contact the Pearce Law Firm

Daphne Haugh

Nicole V. is a girl’s go to when looking to retain an attorney! Ladies please believe me! I had a car accident case that I didn’t handle properly in the beginning and Nicole still chose to take me on as a client! She is professional, caring, thorough, firm, stern, kind and most importantly–compassionate! She gets it! She understands that while being in the midst of your case that everyday life still has to be tended to and does her best to make concessions for you. Her defense of you never changes from beginning to end. If you retain her, you will not be disappointed– I wasn’t!

Tysha Dixon (February 2020)

Pearce Law Firm is amazing! They helped my parents and gave us peace of mind. We will forever be grateful for Edith and her wonderful team!

Danielle Palatano (February 2020)

I could not be more pleased with the settlement Peace Law secured for my injuries suffered from a pedestrian/vehicle accident. Nicole Vitale was the consummate professional–responsive, kind, and guided me through every step of the process. I was so fortunate to have her on my side during a stressful and traumatic time.

Melissa Nevadomski (March 2020)

My experience with the Pearce Law firm was exceptional. Our case was with another attorney for almost 2 years and going nowhere. Nicole Vitale took over our case and was able to get it settled within 3 months of taking it over. I highly recommend this firm and Ms. Vitale.

Marie Kahlan (February 2020)

The Pearce Law Firm is exceptional.
Bill Ringland was so compassionate and caring along with being a great attorney.
Many thanks to the Pearce Law firm.

Gabby (February 2020)

Words are not enough to express the absolute gratitude, appreciation and respect I have for Edith Pearce, and the entire staff at the Pearce Law Firm. Edith went above and beyond to provide a thorough and professional representation that is far from ordinary but rather next level. With an exceptional attention to detail, follow up and regular discussion of my case – YOU NAME IT – it was covered and taken into consideration.
I recommend the Pearce Law Firm above all others!
As far as I’m concerned there is only one injury attorney, and her name is Edith Pearce.

Brooks Duvall (July 2019)

I am so grateful to Edith Pearce and her firm for their top notch service. During the past 10 years, when I needed help in various matters, they have done an outstanding job. I highly recommend this firm to anyone who is in need of legal help. Thank you to all at The Pearce Law Firm!

Laurie Conigliero (July 2019)

The Pearce Law Firm did an excellent job representing me and obtaining a fantastic settlement. Their attorney’s and staff were competent and also held my hand through the process. I appreciated their kindness and empathy for what I had been through. I did not have to go to court, which would have been a traumatic experience, because they were able to negotiate a settlement. I had spoke to several attorney’s who did not want to bother with my case since it was complicated. The Pearce Law Firm took my case and had the know how to secure me a nice settlement. They are sharp attorney’s – thank you Nicole Vitale for believing in me and being smart enough to take on my law suit and win. The settlement has given me peace of mind that I received justice. Thank you so much!

Judy Billings (February 2018)

I have known Edith for over 30 years, when I was in an auto accident there was only one person I would knew to call to represent me she did a great job. Years later I had a horrible slip and fall after I got over the shock of the accident I called Edith she was helpful returned my calls regardless of the time of day. She followed up me let me know where we stood the whole,time came to my house with the paperwork.I have recommended her to friends and family before very trust worthy.

Christine K. (January 2020)

If there were 10 Stars, Edith would get them from this Client, right here!  I can’t even begin to start to tell you how amazing, kind , conscientious, non-scheister-y and, well….how non–lawyer-y, this Attorney is.
I was really scared when I got hit by a car and my ankle was broken.  Also, I felt super bad about the thought of “suing” someone.  I thought that was something that people who were trying to get away something.  Thank goodness my boyfriend said “you’ve got to get a lawyer and another good friend–reccommended Edith highly.
Thank God I didn’t go to one of those awful companies (you know the one on the tv ad) as a friend had an awful, impersonal experience with them.
From the start, Edith made me feel comfortable, attended to, and like I was literally–her only priority.  She got me into her office immediately, got me to doctors and specialists within days, re-directed all of my medical bills (which were sizeable) to be deferred until my case was settled.  After that she went to work doing her magick.

What I was so struck by –was the thorough and dilligent follow up–let’s be honest, how many businesses–let alone lawyers–hold themselves so accountable–that they follow up with YOU first.  I never had to  call Edith once to see how my case was coming along.  She always called me to give me periodic updates on how my case was proceeding and what she might need from me next–and also what were the next steps.

Then finally, once everything was compiled and submitted, within months, honestly even more quickly than I expected, I got a phone call from her.  I never in my wildest imagination thought that I would get a settlement, but Edith got the max paid out from both the other insurance company—and also from my own for personal injuries–which I had no idea I was even entitled to.  I could not believe it–truly awestruck and I feel eternally grateful and blessed to have found her.

Once payment was received, again she called to have me into her office promptly and once again–much quicker than I expected–

I cannot stress enough–how amazing her services are.  Her “bedside manner ” is also incredibly sensitive, kind, considerate and –dare I say it–gentle!  When does that happen???

I actually hugged her on my way out of the office.  I would highly reccommend this incredible attorney for any personal injury case, or any other case besides.  She went above and beyond, as did everyone else in her office.

they don’t make professionals like this any more.

Jennifer N. (October 2017)

The Pearce Law Firm, Nicole Vitale, settled my case quickly, with a fantastic settlement, and without having to go to court.  Her staff held my hand through the process and exhibited compassion and professionalism.  I was spared so much emotional turmoil by Nicole Vitale’s sharp negotiating on my behalf.  If you are looking for the best law firm in Philadelphia my personal recommendation would be The Pearce Law Firm.  Nicole Vitale did a fantastic job representing me.  Great Office… Great Staff… Great Lawyers… Great Combination – a winning team.

Judy M. (October 2017)

As a practicing CPA I recommended Edie to one of my clients. Our client was treated with respect and professionally courtesy and was satisfied with the service from start to finish over multiple years. I trust my clients with this firm so should you.

B G. (October 2015)

I highly recommend contacting Edith Pearce. After an accident I was in, I was scared and worried about the medical bills. Friends suggested I contact an attorney, and I’m so fortunate I found Pearce Law! She reassured me and was patient in answering all my questions. She handled all communication with insurance, doctors, etc and provided timely updates. I especially appreciated her quick response time! She and her team worked their magic, and I was so surprised and grateful when Edith personally called me about receiving a settlement. I can not thank her or recommend her enough!

Sam (May 2019)

Attorney Pearce is my first call when referring or seeking a consultation on PA employment and other litigation matters. She unerringly knows the law and procedure and how it will play out in court.

Beth (February 2018)

Edith Pearce is a fierce and intelligent lawyer that isn’t afraid to take on the ‘big’ guys, be it a large corporation or the city of Philadelphia. She works hard to fight for your rights and get you just compensation. Having Edie on my side against the city of Philadelphia was like having a friend on my side and she wouldn’t take no for an answer when the city was determined not to settle. We went to trial and won. I was so happy to have Edie on my side and quite happy with the results.

Ron (May 2016)

From the first consultation to the last mediation, Pearce law firm was personal and informative. I never hadever an issue with contacting them to ask questions and get updates on my case. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a hardworking and trustworthy attorney.

Derrick (April 2014)

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