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Negligent security occurs when a business or private property owner fails to provide a reasonable and adequate level of security for customers or visitors on the premises. If the customer or visitor is injured or harmed while on the premises, they may have legal recourse against the owner of the property. At The Pearce Law Firm, our team of experienced, established attorneys has the skills and expertise to represent you in a lawsuit involving negligent security.

When you hire a lawyer, you deserve one that truly cares. Every attorney at The Pearce Law Firm does just that. We are proud to provide the Philadelphia community with outstanding legal representation. We strive to develop unique strategies for each case we are assigned to better serve our clients and maximize their chances of recovering compensation for their injuries.

Here are some examples of inadequate or negligent security for which a lawsuit may be appropriate:

  • Workplace violence causing injuries sometimes fatal injuries involving homicide
  • Attacks, rapes, or assaults at hotels due to negligently allowing intruders access past the front desk to guest rooms or other inadequate security measures
  • Assaults including attacks at apartment complexes due to insufficient lighting and security safeguards
  • Bars, restaurants, and clubs not providing proper private security, including not removing other guests who are intoxicated or violent
  • Parking garages and parking lots failing to provide adequate security or sufficient lighting
  • Theaters, arenas and sports stadiums failing to provide adequate security leading to fights or assaults including failing to properly screen guests
  • Schools, universities and day care centers negligently providing adequate security

There are many ways a property owner can protect people from criminal activity, and the law may hold them responsible especially if the property owner knew or should have known of the risk. Some simple measures for security may include: hiring qualified employees to perform security and performing background checks on employees; training employees to better prevent security breaches that may lead to assaults; providing proper locks and gates; providing security cameras; providing proper lighting and other deterrents to prevent criminal activity.

If you have a negligent security complaint, our lawyers can assist you in determining whether or not your lawsuit will be successful and work with you to attempt to obtain monetary compensation for your injuries. Edith Pearce, the managing partner of the firm, works personally on each case that we receive. She is a member of MENSA and works hard to aggressively pursue justice for each of her clients. Additionally, she is a negligent security expert and is passionate about using her skills and expertise to protect her clients’ rights.

If you have been attacked, carjacked in a parking lot, robbed, involved in a bar fight, or have otherwise been a victim of negligent security, you deserve outstanding and personalized legal representation. At The Pearce Law Firm, you will receive just that. We take pride in the high-quality legal services we offer to Philadelphia residents, and we are excited to start working on your case. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, call us today.

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