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Hollywood Personal Injury Accidents

Hollywood PA is a planned community of around 10,000 people in southern Abington Township which is one of the oldest communities in Pennsylvania and today home to over 55,000 residents. Hollywood was established in the 1940s and is considered one of the most established communities in the northern Philadelphia region. Its people live in Hollywood and work, play, and shop in and around Philadelphia, and this puts them at risk for personal injury.

Car Accidents in Hollywood PA

The people of Hollywood are in their cars a lot. There are just a few retail spots in Hollywood with most being on Huntingdon Pike like Hollywood Tavern and Giant Food Store, so residents have to leave the community to shop or eat out.

Many residents commute into Philadelphia every day to work. Some take Old York Road (611) to the Roosevelt Expressway (U.S. 1) and then I-76 on into the city. Others work their way east to I-95 to go south into the east side of the city.

Not all people work in Philadelphia, as Montgomery County has a fair amount of services, and others work in one of the steel and iron plants still operating near Hollywood and Abington Township. This puts people at risk for auto accidents which can cause property damage, injuries, and death.

Other Types of Personal Injuries in Hollywood

It’s not only car accidents that put Hollywood people at risk for injury. Other activities such as shopping, bike riding, and other recreation also create the risk of injury. Some of these are:

  • Industrial accidents
  • Slip-and-fall/Premises Injuries
  • Sport/Recreation Injury
  • Product Liability
  • Wrongful deaths

Contact a Hollywood PA Personal Injury Lawyer.

If you live in Hollywood, you can count on Edith Pearce and the attorneys at The Pearce Law Firm, P.C.  to help you if you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence. The consultation costs you nothing, and you will be given information vital to your case.


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If you or someone you love has been injured due to the reckless or negligent conduct of someone else, you may have a claim against that person for your pain and suffering, wage loss, and expenses under personal injury law. Personal injury is a wide-reaching field of law that covers essentially any accident or mishap caused by the conduct of someone else.

Areas of Practice

The Pearce Law Firm, P.C. does handle dog bite cases in nearby Philadelphia, in Hollywood, PA or in many other cities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. However, we also handle a host of other causes of action that qualify under personal injury law as possible situations where you could recover damages for your injuries.

Some include:

  • Bicycle, car, truck and motorcycle accidents;
  • Pedestrian accidents;
  • Severe injuries, most notably head, brain and spine injuries;
  • Construction accidents;
  • Premises liability (slip and fall, unsafe conditions, negligent security);
  • Product liability (for defective or potentially dangerous products); and
  • Medical malpractice.

The attorneys at The Pearce Law Firm, P.C. have experience in all these areas, and are not afraid to use it to help you. When you have been injured, you need someone who is well versed in how to navigate the difficult legal details.

What Damages Can I Recover?

Many times, people do not bother bringing suit because they are uncertain they will receive any damages, or may receive too little to pay their bills. However, the involvement of an attorney will often help push an insurance company or defendant into making a better settlement than they might otherwise have offered.

There are three different types of damages that are recoverable in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They are:

  • Economic damages. These are the damages that can be easily measured or calculated – for example, your medical bills, lost wages, and the like.
  • Non-economic damages. These are the more non-quantifiable categories, where a number may be arrived at, but only after careful determination.
  • Punitive damages. These are damages intended solely to punish the party deemed more at fault for the accident. Generally, these can only be awarded when the behavior of the person who caused the accident rises above mere negligence, but has been described as outrageous or with reckless disregard for the injured party. Punitive damages are often capped, due to the fact that they are awarded essentially at the discretion of the fact finder. This is the case in New Jersey, as well as in Pennsylvania.

Most personal injury lawsuits are attempting to recover both economic damages and non-economic damages. Non-economic damages are usually being awarded for things like pain and suffering and loss of consortium (deprivation of normal marital relations). Punitive damages are quite rare, awarded in Pennsylvania only for conduct deemed to be “outrageous.” In New Jersey, the conduct must have been malicious, oppressive, wicked or fraudulent.

Let Us Help You

When you have been injured, the last thing you want is to feel helpless, like you have no control. The Pearce Law Firm, P.C. serves Hollywood, PA and several other cities, and we do our best to keep you in the loop at all times. We pursue the most appropriate strategy for your case, with your input in mind at all times. Contact our Philadelphia offices today for a free initial consultation.

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