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One of the scariest personal injuries a person can suffer is a head injury. Over 1.7 million people experience serious brain injuries every year, according to the Department of Health. Given these statistics, it is clear that ignoring a head injury sustained by you or a loved one due to a slip and fall accident, car accident or some other accident is not a viable option. That means medical bills that will need taken care of. The attorneys at The Pearce Law Firm have the experience you need to get just compensation for your head injury or any other personal injury you have suffered nearby in Levittown.

Which Township is Levittown Pennsylvania in?

As of 2017, Levittown has 41 sections, but it has 4 municipalities. Most people asking which township Levittown is in are really asking which municipality it is in. 3 of the 4 municipalities are townships which make up the vast majority of Levittown.

In other words: Levittown is in 3 townships:

  • Bristol Township
  • Falls Township
  • Middletown Township
  • The fourth area is the Borough of Tullytown

Levittown is a Census Designated Place within the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. For a complete history on how Levittown was and is portioned out, see the Levittown Wikipedia page. Every year many injuries occur in the Levittown area which is why finding a nearby Levittown personal injury is so important.


Why You Need an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Levittown To Deal With Your Case

Given the huge differences in each personal injury case, in both facts and law that may apply to those facts, trying to navigate a personal injury claim alone could result in you not getting the compensation you need.

Whether you have been in a car accident, suffer from a construction accident, or sustained a head injury, The Pearce Law Firm, are the Levittown personal injury lawyers that have the experience and knowledge to get maximum compensation for your losses.

We need to examine your case as it affects your current situation and any future treatment you may need. This means we need to determine financial, medical, physical, and emotional needs that are a direct result from the accident. If you were unable to work or lost your job, because of the accident, we will need to put a dollar figure on that loss. All of this is something that our attorneys will help you do in such a way that you know what we are asking for and why we are asking for it.


You Are A Person, Not A Case Number

Of the many difference between The Pearce Law Firm and the other personal injury attorneys in Levittown, the one we are most proud of is the personal attention that each case receives. You are going through enough without adding the stress of wondering whether your attorney is really concerned about your welfare or if they are just worried about the payout. Unlike many of the bigger law firms, our founding attorney, Edith Pearce, oversees each case from beginning to end. You will get the benefit of her knowledge and experience in every stage of your case.

We want you to feel at ease with us as your personal injury attorneys. We will face the insurance company together and, if your case goes to court, we will be by your side aggressively fighting for your best interests.

We offer free consultations and only get paid if we secure a settlement in your favor. If you have been injured and are looking for a top-quality personal injury attorney in Levittown call us today. We are confident that one phone call is all it will take to show you what makes us one of most successful personal injury law firms in Philadelphia.

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