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Philadelphia Surgical Error Lawyer

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When you need a surgical error lawyer that you can trust in Philadelphia, contact The Pearce Law Firm to handle your case. You deserve to know your case is in good hands, and we will do everything possible to give you peace of mind during this difficult time. Whether you are recovering from mild injuries after the procedure or have been left permanently disabled, we will help you decide how to proceed.

The doctor and hospital staff should be correctly trained and not distracted during something as serious as surgery.  However, many hospitals in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania are understaffed and overcrowded and doctors and staffed sleep deprived.  This leads to surgical errors.  Some examples of surgical errors or hospital staff negligence include:

  • Failing to read the patient’s chart correctly
  • Failing to give the patient the correct dosage of medication
  • Surgery on the wrong body part or organ
  • Surgery resulting in punctures to organs or arteries
  • Staff Infection; and even
  • Surgical Instruments left inside of patients

If you trusted your doctor and his staff to treat you with the utmost care and have been let down, talking to a medical error attorney is the first step you should take so you know where to go from here. Errors during surgery can occur as a result of the physician failing to provide the standard of care every patient deserves. While some surgical mistakes are due to the doctor or nurse completing the procedure incorrectly, these errors can also be caused by the medical staff failing to do something. So whether a mistake was made during surgery, you were given the wrong procedure, or you did not receive the diagnosis and treatment you needed in time, you might have a case.

No matter the details, if you were injured while under the care of your doctor, you owe it to yourself to look into your legal options. At The Pearce Law Firm, we will take a careful look at your case and let you know what we advise. If your injuries are severe or you will never completely recover, it makes sense to work toward compensation to pay for your ongoing medical care and for your pain and suffering.  Even mild injuries often call for a meeting with a surgical error lawyer. After all, bringing the issue to the attention of your doctor will help reduce the chance of another patient becoming a victim of a surgical error. Please call our office in Philadelphia today to set up a free case consultation.


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