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No Win No Fee Guarantee Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers

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Nearby Lawyers That Don’t Get Paid Unless You Win in Pennsylvania & New Jersey

Pearce Law Firm Lawyers No Win No PayWhen another individual or entity’s negligence causes serious injuries, victims should never have to worry about lawyer fees when trying to pursue the compensation they deserve. No matter the cause of the accident, (whether it be a pedestrian, bicycle, or automotive-related accident or other injury), the dedicated, intelligent, and diligent personal injury lawyers at The Pearce Law Firm Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers P.C., are ready to take action and obtain the compensation that Philadelphia and South Jersey accident victims deserve. We believe in our hearts that every accident victim deserves justice for the negligent actions that caused their injuries. Therefore, we also believe that a victim’s ability to get their life back on track shouldn’t revolve around whether they can afford attorney fees. When working with The Pearce Law Firm, victims will never have to sacrifice their finances in order to pursue compensation.

Advantages of Our Personal Injury Lawyer No Win No Fee Guarantee

Our No Fee Guarantee (no win no fee), signifies our promise to not charge for our personal injury lawsuit services unless you win. Alternatively, when we accept a case we promise to provide our top-notch legal services in exchange for a percentage of what we are able to obtain in the settlement. When victims choose The Pearce Law Firm Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers P.C., they receive many additional benefits associated with our No Win No Fee Guarantee, such as:

  • We Do Not Charge Any Hidden Fees – We do not charge any hidden fees or hourly costs to our clients. No money is owed until a settlement is placed in the hand of our client.
  • Elimination Of Financial Risks – Although we are very accomplished at what we do, if we are unable to resolve your claim, there is no financial obligation on your part. This is the most significant benefit of hiring us on a contingency basis. Therefore, the risk of losing is zero, and the potential for gain is unlimited.
  • Our Interests Are Aligned – Neither you nor we are interested in settling for less than you deserve. The fact that we work on a No Win No Fee Guarantee basis means that our interests are fully aligned with yours, so we strive to obtain the maximum settlement for you.

Most of the other parties involved in a personal injury claim do not have your best interests at heart. Despite the fact that insurance companies claim to be on your side, all they truly care about is how much money you are costing them. In order to maximize their profits, they employ armies of claims adjusters and attorneys to minimize your compensation.

When so many people are against you, it is imperative that you retain the services of an experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyer at The Pearce Law Firm Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers P.C. We place your recovery at the top of our priority list.

personal injury lawyer no win no fee - Pearce Law Firm Lawyers that don't charge unless they win near me

The Pearce Law Firm Makes Your Case Top Priority

Victims of personal injuries and accidents that obtain legal representation from The Pearce Law Firm Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers P.C., know that we make their recovery, well-being, and resuming as normal a life as possible our top priorities. We understand that the easiest way for our clients to do so is to take the burden of the legal process off their hands, without having to worry about whether they will be able to afford it.

If you obtain the legal services of The Pearce Law Firm, there are many benefits to our “No Win, No Fee Guarantee”. Not only will we ensure you receive the best healthcare and recovery assistance possible by making you our top priority, but we will also ensure that your rights are fully protected in and out of the courtroom. After all, it is our duty to fight for your rights and assist you in protecting your future. As a result of our hard work, dedication, and making our clients our top priority, we have achieved multi-million dollar settlements for victims and their families. Especially for those who have suffered the tragic consequences of a severe injury, or who have complex personal injury litigation cases.

In addition to being the founder of The Pearce Law Firm Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers P.C., Edith Pearce is also a partner. In contrast to other law firms, The Pearce Law Firm is able to offer our clients the individualized representation and personal attention they deserve to achieve the best result possible. Edith Pearce is personally involved in every case the firm undertakes to ensure that every client is being treated as a top priority. As a result of Edith’s and the rest of the firm‘s hard work and dedication towards their clients, The Pearce Law Firm Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers P.C., has received the prestigious Super Lawyer & Rising Star awards. Additionally, we have been awarded the highest AV rating for legal ability and ethical standards from Martindale-Hubbell, which so happens to be the nation’s oldest and most respected service dedicated to rating attorneys.

We Assist Our Clients in All Aspects of Recovery & Litigation

When so many people are against you, it is imperative that you retain the services of an experienced South Jersey personal injury lawyer or Philadelphia personal injury lawyer at The Pearce Law Firm Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers P.C. We place your recovery at the top of our priority list. Here are a few of the many ways we support our clients by advancing any costs they incur during litigation, while also fighting for their rights to compensation at the same time.

Investigative Costs

A private investigator may be necessary to gather evidence in order to prove that another party is responsible for your injury. There is a wide variety of evidence that can be used, including witness statements, accident scene photos, security camera footage, and more. The best investigators can charge hundreds of dollars per task because their experience is priceless. We will advance all investigative costs until a settlement has been reached.

Medical Records

It is necessary for us to obtain a complete copy of your medical records in order to pursue your claim for damages. This includes all documents pertaining to your injury as well as records for the period preceding the accident.

It is necessary to prove that your injuries were caused by the accident and not by some previous event in order to be compensated correctly. It may cost hundreds of dollars to obtain a complete set of medical records, therefore we will advance any costs associated with obtaining medical records.

Cost of Litigation & Court Fees

If you represent yourself in court, you will be responsible for the payment of certain court costs. The filing of a complaint with the court requires financial resources. Obtaining a date, requesting documents, and paying notary fees are a few of the most common expenses that could end up costing thousands of dollars. In order to lessen the financial burden on our clients, we will advance any court and litigation fees incurred during the lawsuit process.

Expert Opinion Fees

An expert witness is a person with the necessary training to be considered an authority in their field. In addition to providing their opinion regarding the details of your claim, they can also assist you in proving the validity of your claim. For the services of an expert, it is not uncommon for them to charge thousands of dollars. A successful claim may also require the assistance of several experts. We do not want finances to prohibit an expert from proving the validity of your claim, therefore we will advance any costs associated with expert opinions.

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Email us or call us at (215) 557-8686 (24/7) for a 100% free consultation. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you if you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our No Win No Fee Guarantee and other aspects of a personal injury claim at The Pearce Law Firm Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers P.C. Contact our No Win No Fee Guarantee lawyers today either by email or by phone at 215-557-8686.

Reviews of a PA & NJ Personal Injury Lawyer No Win No Fee Near You

“Ms. Pearce was attentive in hearing my case, was very sympathetic, and took great care, looked out, and stayed on top of my case, even when I gave up on it, to the point that she negotiated a surprising settlement that was more than I expected! She and her assistant did all of the hard work in dealing with the doctors, hospitals, and company during my small ‘slip and fall’ case. But what did Ms. Pearce say – no case is too small for us. You are important! What a blessing!”

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