Philadelphia Hit & Run Accident Attorney

The Pearce Law Firm has represented the victims of multiple types of car wrecks in Pennsylvania. We empathize with the victims of each, but perhaps the most difficult type of accident is a hit & run. The victim never has the opportunity to face the person responsible for negatively altering their life. They never hear an apology nor are they given the chance to forgive. Additionally, as with our clients seeking compensation in an uninsured motorist claim, hit & run victims may need to seek compensation from their own insurance company, often only to be victimized again.

You need an experienced hit and run accident lawyer on your side to help you deal with the insurance agency. We will ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Give us a call today at 215 557-8686.

A Philadelphia Hit & Run Accident Should Be Covered By Your Uninsured Motorist Insurance

If you purchased uninsured/underinsured coverage from your insurance company, you should expect to recoup from that type of coverage when you need it.Unfortunately, most people find, as with all insurance settlements that the the insurance company has no intention of offering you what you truly need and deserve for your coverage. Many people don’t realize that the insurance company has many lawyers advising them on how to handle car accident claims often with the goal of paying out as little money as possible. As unfair as it may sound, you will find yourself requiring legal representation to obtain your rightful compensation from your own insurance company.

Why Pick The Hit & Run Accident Experts at Pearce Law Firm?

The attorneys at The Pearce Law Firm have experience working for insurance companies and know the intricacies of insurance law. We know their tactics and how and why they expect to pay you less than the fair value of your case. However, we know how to get them to pay what you deserve. We win because we are more prepared, have the details and facts at hand, and have been told by our clients that we are the smartest attorneys they have met.

When it comes to winning a proper settlement from your own insurance company, we have the training and experience to understand insurance policies and how the law protects you from misrepresentation and the failure of your insurance company to perform according to its policy and contract with you.

Making Sure You Get The Most Out Of Your Insurance

Uninsured motorist coverage may cover you up to your policy limits. Your insurance should cover your current and future medical bills, lost income, lost property, as well as pain and suffering up to certain policy limits. However, you need a sophisticated attorney to figure out exactly what you deserve under the policy. Many times insurance companies attempt to persuade you to waive uninsured motorist coverage. However, they produce a signed confirmation that you did indeed waive this coverage. Also, sometimes your policy limits may be doubled or tripled (called “stacking”) if you have one or two additional vehicles under the policy. Again, an experienced attorney is needed to determine exactly the maximum amount you are entitled to collect under your policy. The insurance company is not your advocate when it comes to figuring out your policy.

You may never find who hit you and left you to suffer alone, but we make your insurance company keep their promise. Give us a call today.