Philadelphia Taxi Cab Accident Attorney

If you live in the Philadelphia area or have ever been there to visit, there is a good chance that you have taken a taxi as a means of transportation to get around. Also, new types of paid transportation are entering Philadelphia such as Uber. While many see a taxi cab as an easy and sufficient way to travel, you must remember that it is still an automobile and the risk of an accident and injury is always there.

Taxi drivers are often known as being aggressive and fast, which may often put them more at risk of getting into an accident than an individual driving his or her own personal vehicle. In fact, a 2008 report by Transportation Alternatives asserts that the taxi accident rate is four times higher than normal. An injury in a taxi cab can be frightening, and may leave you with serious injuries. If you have been hurt in a Uber car, Uber-xcab, contact a car accident lawyer at The Pearce Law Firm, P.C. for immediate legal assistance.

Taxi Cab Obligations
Since taxi cabs are typically looked upon as a form of public transportation, under the law, they are defined as “common carriers.” Under the law, “common carriers” must exercise the “utmost care” in performing transporting passengers. Ultimately, because cabs are transporting something, or in terms of a taxi cab, someone, they are responsible for the safety and protection of what or who is within. Thus, if an accident occurs and you, as a passenger, are injured, that taxi cab driver is responsible as a common carrier for failing to provide you the utmost care and protection.
Taxi Cab Insurance
Like any other automobile driver, a taxi cab driver is required to have insurance in order to operate a vehicle. However, it is disturbing to find that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania only requires their taxi cab drivers in Philadelphia to carry $35,000 in liability insurance. Many taxi cab drivers and companies will only carry the minimum required due to the high price of what holding this insurance costs the policyholder. Due to this unsettling fact, it is helpful to have an attorney on your side to fight for you and help you to be properly compensated for the injuries that you have received as a result of a taxi cab accident.
Filing a Case in a Taxi Cab Accident
When you are injured as a passenger involved in a taxi cab accident, there may be several parties against which you could bring a lawsuit. The taxi driver could be held liable in your case if it is determined that he or she was responsible for the accident. Additionally, the taxi company could be labeled as a defendant if it exercised negligent hiring practices, or the car manufacturer or service company could be liable if they failed to create or repair the cab properly.
Philadelphia Taxi Cab Lawyers  
Have you been injured while riding as a passenger in a taxi cab? Do you believe it to be the fault of the taxi cab driver or their company, or another person or entity? Contact the Philadelphia accident attorneys at The Pearce Law Group, P.C. for a consultation on the circumstances surrounding your case. We promise to work with you and fight on your side to ensure you get the just compensation that you deserve.