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Slip and Fall Accidents at Philadelphia Shell Gas Stations

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Drivers in Philadelphia get drawn into Shell Stations for a few reasons. Mainly because they’re hungry, thirsty, or they need a fill-up. Modern gas stations have learned how to get cars and people fueled up and back on the road as fast as possible.

That speed is great when you’re in a hurry, but it can also create hazards we don’t usually think about. With so much in and out traffic, a drink can wind up on the floor, or a bag of M&M’s can bust open. You may be ready to pay and exit the store when your foot hits one of these obstacles. Suddenly you’re on the floor and in pain.

If you find yourself in this situation, the good news is that Shell is liable for their customer’s safety, the bad news is that Shell is a giant corporation that may try to fight you on your accident claim. Don’t face off against their lawyers without contacting a Philadelphia attorney with The Pearce Law Firm, P.C. We won’t let you face your injury or your recovery costs alone.

Shell Gas Station Slip-And-Fall Accident Dangers

You can be taking a bathroom break when a soapy puddle on the tile drops you to the floor. You might trip over a box left in an aisle by an employee. All of these hazards are supposed to be monitored and cleaned up as soon as possible but we all know that doesn’t always happen.  Drops of ketchup can sit out for hours at the food station, leaving plenty of time for you to get into a slip-and-fall accident and injure yourself.

The hazards aren’t just inside the store. The constant flow of traffic at the pumps can leave oil and other automotive fluids on the ground. If it’s not neutralized you might take a fall near the pumps and risk hitting your head on a cement barrier. An unattended pothole can cause a trip-and-fall accident. Snow and ice are also supposed to be kept reasonably cleared over Philadelphia winters, but this duty can go neglected and you can have your feet taken out from under you.

Common Slip-And-Fall Injuries at Philadelphia Minimarts

These small slips can lead to big injuries for unsuspecting victims. There are no soft landings on gas station floors and parking lots. The injuries can be devastating and rob people of their independence, their bank savings, and positive state-of-mind.

These injuries prove why in slip-and-fall cases it’s so important to file a claim and get the proper amount of compensation to cover everything you’ll need in recovery. That can include hospital stays, physical therapy, medical equipment, surgeries down the line. Property and business owners should also be helping with your lost hours at work no matter how long you have to be absent.

These factors can all play a huge role when the injuries are serious. In a slip-and-fall, victims usually fall backward leaving vulnerable parts of their bodies exposed to risk. These are just a few of the common outcomes:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can occur when the victim’s head bounces off the ground or catches a cement pylon or aisle shelf. Mild TBI can include symptoms like headaches, vomiting, and problems with speech. More serious cases can leave victims confused, experiencing seizures, and dealing with clear fluid draining from their nose and ears.
  • Damage to the spinal cord can occur in a fall backward. The Mayo Clinic reports that extreme back pain or pressure in your neck, head, or back are often seen. A loss of control of your limbs and even a loss of bladder control can occur.
  • Dislocations and fractures can be very slow to heal and rob victims of their mobility. Hip fractures can often take victims off their feet to allow for months of healing. Surgeries may still be needed down the road.

A victim in a trip-and-fall accident often falls in the opposite direction, forward. Here are some common types of trip-and-fall injuries seen in hospital ERs.

  • Arm injuries are common because victims often try to cushion the fall by extending their hands out. Shoulder dislocations, hand, wrist, and elbow breaks are all possible.
  • Facial Injuries can occur when hands don’t catch the fall and the jaw, chin, brow, or nose take the brunt of the blow. Bone and soft tissue injuries are common.
  • Dental impacts can result in disfigurement. These accidents can leave teeth loosened or knocked out.

Contact a Philadelphia Slip-And-Fall Lawyer

Slip-and-fall victims in Pennsylvania are given up to two years to file a claim against a gas station, store, or any other place that was responsible for keeping them safe. It’s always best to avoid using the entire two years. Victims, with the help of their attorneys, should file as soon as they feel ready. It’s important to file while evidence is easier to obtain and witnesses are easier to locate.

After taking a serious fall and getting injured on someone else’s property contact a highly rated Philadelphia Slip-And-Fall Lawyer such as Edith Pearce. Unlike the huge firms with dozens of attorneys and many different attorneys handling different aspects of your case, Edith Pearce is personally involved in every case that we handle. She genuinely cares about her clients and you will not be treated like just another case or file.

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