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Philadelphia Sidewalk Injury Lawyer

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A damaged sidewalk in PhiladelphiaWhether they result from slips or trips, falls are the most common reason for emergency room visits in the United States. Thee U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that about 2.8 million people are treated for injuries suffered in falls. About 20 percent of those falls result in a serious injury like hip, arm, wrist or ankle bone fracture or a traumatic brain injury.

One of the things people trip over frequently in our area is Philadelphia’s sidewalks.

Who is liable for Philadelphia sidewalk trip and fall accidents?

Trips and falls on Philadelphia’s sidewalks can be caused by tree roots which have caused buckled slabs, uneven surfaces, cracks, ice or damaged sidewalks. Once you have tripped and fell over one of these damaged sidewalks you may wonder who is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk and who created this dangerous condition which was bound to eventually hurt someone. The answer is complicated, and you will want a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer who has experience with litigating and winning trip and fall cases. We have this experience.

In general, homeowners, public business or government entities are usually responsible for maintaining a sidewalk in Pennsylvania. Sometimes there are multiple parties who are liable for sidewalk injuries such as a homeowner and a government agency. Homeowners, in general, should maintain their sidewalks and make any necessary repairs of sidewalk problems or warn pedestrians of any potential dangers that they’re aware of. Businesses, such as grocery stores, hotels or restaurants, invite people to their property and owe people a duty to keep customers safe. As such, businesses should check on their premises for dangerous conditions and should be aware of any potential problems which may injure any visitors. Government entities include local, county, city, state and other government operated businesses such as SEPTA. Claims against government entities are very complex injury claims with special time limits.

As you can see, determining who is liable for a trip and fall injury in Philadelphia is a complex matter. To make matters worse, insurers often try to contest these claims, even when their client was negligent.

Compensation for sidewalk injuries

Financial compensation for sidewalk injuries is also known as damages. Damages for a sidewalk injury in Philadelphia could include:

  • Past medical bills and medical bills reasonably expected to be incurred in the future.
  • Past lost earnings and earnings reasonably expected to be lost in the future.
    Any resulting disfigurement.
  • Any resulting disability.
  • Diminished quality of life.
  • Past pain and suffering and pain and suffering reasonably expected to be experienced in the future

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Call us for a free consultation after any injury involving a damaged sidewalk in Philadelphia or anywhere in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Attorney Edith Pearce is an experienced Trip and Fall Accident Lawyer who will fight to recover your expenses, replace income and make sure that your losses, your suffering and your injuries are adequately compensated.

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