Philadelphia County Trauma Center Information

On this page you will find information about every trauma center in Philadelphia County and what the different levels and designations mean. Philadelphia has some extremely well known traumatic injury centers and these hospitals save hundreds of lives each year.

We frequently visit injured clients at many of these hospitals after someone has suffered a personal injury such as a vehicle accident.

What is a trauma center?

Trauma centers have the staff, services and equipment needed to care for patients who have experienced a traumatic injury. A traumatic injury is a critical, life threatening bodily injury, often caused by something such as a car accident, fall injury or gunshot wound.

A trauma center is staffed by trauma teams 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These teams consist of specialists such as trauma surgeons, emergency physicians, trauma nurses, radiologists, OBGYNs and neurosurgeons.

Pennsylvania County Trauma Center Designations

There are several trauma center designations. The organization responsible for accrediting trauma centers in Pennsylvania is the Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation (PTSF). According to the PTSF:

  • Level I trauma centers provide multidisciplinary treatment and specialized resources for trauma patients. They require trauma research, a surgical residency program and an annual volume of 600 major trauma patients per year. Level I trauma centers can be Adult Trauma Centers or Pediatric Trauma Centers.
  • Level II trauma centers are similar to Level I trauma centers but do not require the research and residency components. Additionally, they have lower volume requirements of major trauma patients. Level II trauma centers can be Adult Trauma Centers or Pediatric Trauma Centers.
  • Level III trauma centers do not require neurosurgical resources. They’re also are smaller community hospitals that have services to care for patients with moderate injuries. Level III trauma centers can stabilize severe trauma patients to prepared them for transport to a Level I or Level II trauma center.
  • Level IV trauma centers provide initial care and stabilization of traumatic injury patients while arranging transfer to a higher level of trauma care.

Philadelphia’s Trauma Centers

Jefferson Torresdale Hospital
Level 2 Regional Resource Trauma Center

Formerly known as Aria Torrsedale Campus, and Frankford Hospital before that, Jefferson Torresdale Hospital is located in northeast Philadelphia. It’s also the home of Sidney Kimmel Medical College.

Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia
Level 1 Trauma Center
Sometimes called EMCP, Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia is a teaching hospital is located north of Center City and commonly receives patients who have sustained traumatic injuries from car accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents and injuries sustained by a trip and fall, assault or industrial accidents.

Hahnemann University Hospital
Level 1 Trauma Center
Hahnemann University Hospital was founded in 1885 and is located in Center City.

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
Level 1 Regional Resource Trauma Center
According to the U.S. News & World Report, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center (PPMC) is #1 in the region and #10 in the nation. Penn Medicine’s Level 1 Trauma Center is located in their Pavilion for Advanced Care (PAC). Also on their campus is Penn Medicine Universty City (PMUC). PennSTAR flight is the aeromedical service which covers 11 counties in Pennsylvania and much of Delaware and New Jersey. PPMC is also a leader in robotic-assisted surgery.

St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children
Level 1 Pediatric Trauma enter
St. Christopher’s has 220 pediatric experts on staff and has the only dedicated pediatric burn facility in Philadelphia. St. Christopher’s received their Level I Pediatric Trauma Center designation in 2003. Located in North Philadelphia, the hospital has been a leader in pediatric care since 1875 and serves patients from all over Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Temple University Hospital
Regional Resource Level 1 Trauma Centers
Temple University Hospital (TUH) only local trauma center with a burn program that is accredited by the American Burn Association. TUH is one of the United State’s premier academic medical centers and is the chief clinical training site for the Temple University School of Medicine.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)
Level I Pediatric Trauma Center
Established in 1855, CHOP is “the birthplace of pediatric medicine in America”. CHOP was Pennsylvania’s first Pediatric Trauma Center and was accredited in 1986. The U.S. News & World Report ranked CHOP No. 1 in more specialties than any other pediatric hospital in the USA. CHOP’s Pediatric ICU (PICU) provides intensive care for infants to adolescents.

Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals
Level 1 Regional Resource Trauma Center
Home of the Jefferson Advanced Spine Center, this hosptial also has a comprehensive concussion center for injuries such as concussion, skull fracture or intracranial hematoma. JeffSTAT operates via ground and air 24 hours a day and provides Advanced Life Support. Many patients are transferred to this hospital from other hospitals in the area.