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Art Exhibits in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia is home to a number of museums.  These museums are constantly flowing with different exhibitions throughout the year.  Here are a few of the exhibits that are going on currently and some that will happen in the near future.

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

From May 11, 2018 until June 3, 2018, the 117th Annual Student Exhibition will feature work from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA) Bachelor’s and Master’s students.  This school usually hosts several different art exhibits.

Currently it is also hosting James Havard’s “Talking in Color.” This artist is a PAFA alumnus who has been making art for over 50 years.  After spending several years in New Mexico, he returned to his home of Philadelphia. This exhibit, “Talking in Color” was made to celebrate that return. PAFA is also hosting a video art exhibition called “Ghost in the Machine: Video in the Realm of Objects” where different artists do different styles of art that share the common theme of using video for spatial effects.  

Woodmere Art Museum

The Woodmere Art Museum has an exhibit that has been open since January.  It is Elizabeth Osborne’s “Animal Paintings and Watercolors”. The exhibit closes in June so you should visit soon.  Elizabeth Osborne draws inspiration from the intimate personalities of household pets. Her use of watercolor has been studied critically and her career has spanned over five decades.  The Woodmere Art Museum has a permanent collection that has more than 3,000 pieces from local Philadelphia artists. Through the end of June, Woodmere will be holding its second “Complete Set” exhibit which highlights how local artists convey their art through the use of series.  

Philadelphia Museum of Art

We’re wrapping up today’s Instagram field trip with @philamuseum as we explore influences behind our #KieferRodin exhibition. What role does tradition play in innovation? ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ We’re at the #RodinMuseum gazing at “The Cathedral.” Modeled in clay and cast in bronze, master sculptor Auguste Rodin melds two right hands with fingertips about to touch, creating a charged space in between. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Though working a century apart, contemporary artist Anselm Kiefer shared master sculptor Auguste Rodin’s fascination with the architecture of the human body as well as Gothic cathedrals as metaphors for the drama of humanity. Check out @philamuseum as they share one of the works from #KieferRodin, which reflects Kiefer’s experimental response to Rodin’s classical sculpture.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Thanks for following along during today’s field trip! See these works for yourself by visiting the #BarnesFoundation and #RodinMuseum just steps away from each other on the Parkway! ⠀⠀

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The Philadelphia Museum of Art also hosts several exhibits throughout the year.  It offers more than 200 galleries from all over the world. Ending in early July, the exhibit called “Keith Smith at Home” chronicles the life of Keith Smith using techniques from different styles of art.  He combines the fine arts like watercolor with the craftsmanship of sewing and the technology like photocopies and transparencies. While he admits to being shy in person, he truly expresses himself through his art.

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Also being featured until the middle of July is Jean Shin’s “Collections”.  She is a Korean American artist who uses objects that you might see everyday and then converts them into works of art. Her work usually reflects the stories that she has experienced. She has powerful artwork regarding the fashion industry, the military, as well as the Asian American community. A more recent addition to this museum is “Rachel Rose: Wil-o-Wisp/The Future Fields Commission.”  Rachel Rose is the first person to receive The Future Fields Commission in Time-Based Media which supports new work in video, sound and performance for new artists. Her featured film, “Wil-O-Wisp”, is about a woman in 16th century England, whose life is influenced by magic and coincidence.

These are just a few exhibits that are currently in Philadelphia museums.  There are over 100 museums in Philadelphia. Look for exhibits that excite you the most.


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