Can I Ride My Bike During Philadelphia’s Stay at Home Order?

The mayor of Philadelphia issued the city’s stay-at-home order which went into effect Monday, March 23, 2020, at 8 p.m. The order requires people to stay at home unless they are getting essential goods or services which have been defined in the order. Some of these include food and necessary home supplies, medical supplies or medical treatment.

Can I Ride My Bike During Philadelphia’s Stay at Home Order?

Philadelphia’s Stay at Home Order specifically allows for someone ride their bike for two purposes. First to commute to certain essential jobs and to go out in the community to get needed services and supplies. Second, it exempts outdoor recreation such as walking, running and cycling so long as the person is practicing social distancing.

The order allows these activities with close family members so long as there is still social distancing of at least 6 feet with others. So ride your bike, but follow the rules to keep the virus from spreading.

How do I Ride My Bike Safe for Me and Others During COVID-19?

Philadelphia’s stay at home order lists many activities to do and places to go during the virus crises. However, just because it’s allowed, doesn’t mean that those involved shouldn’t engage in practices that lower the risk. Before riding your bike during the order, look at these tips that are designed to keep you safe:

  • Stay Apart from Other Riders: If in a group, you need to ride at least six feet from another. The order allows family members to ride closer, however, make sure you keep vigilant for non-family members and stay six feet away.
  • Six Feet from Strangers: For those outside your group whether it is other cyclists or pedestrians, continue to use social distancing by staying 6 feet away.
  • Social Distance Inside Stores: Whatever your essential destination, you should continue to social distance with everyone you see.
  • Sanitize Your Bike: You might think there is no way your bike can have a virus on one of its surfaces, the truth is it’s possible, and there’s no way to know. Sanitize handlebars, seats, chains, locks, water bottles or any surface that you might tough.
  • Park Bike Safely: Don’t just leave your bike on the sidewalk begging for someone to move it. Park it out of the way—which is good anytime—and then re-wipe surfaces when you leave the building.

Philadelphia’s stay at home order is designed to get people to avoid giving or getting the COVID-19 virus. It will only work if everyone, including cyclists, do their part to reduce or eliminate the risk of spreading the virus in the community.

Cycling is fun and good exercise and can be a great stress-reliever during the virus crises, but doing it safely will increase the odds that you don’t get the virus and then give it to someone else.