Philadelphia Personal Injury and Employment Case Results

Confidential Settlements: Why We Can’t Publish Some of Our Largest Settlements. Many times as part of the settlement, the defendant will require we keep the details of the settlement confidential in exchange for an even larger settlement. It is more important to our firm to obtain the largest settlement possibly, rather than post large settlements on our website.

Below is a small sampling of our settlements/verdicts:

$25 Million Award for hand injury in machine

A worker on an extruder machine suffered a severe crush/degloving injury in a pinchpoint.  Edith Pearce secured a $25 Million award against the parent/sister companies of the employer for their failures related to the machine guarding and safety.

$4.1 Million Settlement in fatal truck accident involving tractor-trailer

A truck driver was killed when the trailer of another tractor-trailer, which was passing him on the roadway, separated from its tractor and collided with his cab in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  Edith Pearce secured a $4+ Million settlement for the Estate of the deceased driver.

$2.6 Million Settlement in bus accident involving tractor-trailer

As reported in Verdict Search by ALM Media’s Annual Top New York Verdicts, Lawyer Edith Pearce representing six children of the truck driver and another lawyer representing the widow reached a $2.6 million dollar settlement in the lawsuit filed after a bus carrying a women’s hockey team from Ontario slammed into the truck driver’s tractor-trailer as it was parked along Interstate 390 in Geneseo, New York.

$1.3 Million Settlement in slip and fall accident

As featured in the PA Law Weekly’s Verdicts and Settlements, a publication of the Legal Intelligencer and Pennsylvania Law Weekly newspapers. Edith Pearce reached a $1.3 million dollar settlement for a client who suffered a closed head trauma when she slipped and fell down a deteriorated and cracked stairway. She fell over 15 feet and struck her head. It was alleged that the stairway was in an unsafe condition under the knowledge of the building’s owners and managers and that this was the cause of her fall and injury.

Over $1 Million in Workers’ Compensation Benefits secured for Widow.

Edith Pearce filed a workers’ compensation claim in Pennsylvania for the widow of an airline pilot killed in an accident. The insurance company attempted to argue that benefits should be paid at a lower rate in Georgia, where the company was headquartered. The insurance company also attempted to argue that hotel lodging and meals paid for by the airline should not be used to calculate the average weekly wage. Edith Pearce successfully appealed and won in a decision published by the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court. Edith Pearce was successful in bringing the action in Pennsylvania where benefits were higher, and securing over $500,000 in benefits from 2004 to 2014, and ultimately settling the case for an additional $600,000 in 2015.

Nearly $1 Million settlement to minor for hand injury in machine

A minor who worked at a machine shop was injured when his hand was pulled into a rolling machine causing permanent injuries to his hand.

Sexual Harassment Plaintiff awarded over $250,000

A confidential settlement was reached after a jury verdict for over $250,000 for a woman who was sexually harassed by her supervisor, by making inappropriate comments, gestures and unwelcome advances. The plaintiff was told by her employer to ignore her supervisor’s behavior.  When Plaintiff could no longer tolerate the behavior, she was forced to stop working.  The case proceeded to jury and Edith Pearce represented the Plaintiff. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the Plaintiff.  After the verdict, the case settled for a confidential amount.

$950,000 Settlement for two women injured in Tree Fall Case

Two women suffered spinal and head injuries when driving a decaying, dead tree fell upon their car. Plaintiff sued the property owner who owned the tree, the landscape company who pruned the tree, and the Township.