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Truck Accident Average Settlements in Pennsylvania

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When you’re involved in an accident with a semi-truck in Pennsylvania – truck accident average settlements may be one of the first items you research as you try to heal injury and replace your vehicle. In the examples we will share on this page – the range of payouts from these truck accident cases spans from $2.2 million to $19 million – with an average settlement of $8.5 million dollars.  While these case examples and payouts are substantial, due to the intense nature of a semi vs car accident, what you can expect could vary greatly based on injury type, vehicle damages, and who is liable for the accident.

On This Page: Truck Accident Settlement Examples, How Long Can It Take?, Multiple Party Involvement, Can A Lawyer Increase My Settlement?, Contact Us Today!

Philadelphia Truck Accident Settlement Case Examples

A truck driver was killed when the trailer of another tractor-trailer traveling past him on the roadway detached its trailer from its tractor and collided with his truck cab, causing the truck driver’s death in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  A settlement of $4+ million was obtained by Edith Pearce on behalf of the deceased driver’s estate.

In a lawsuit filed after a bus carrying a women’s hockey team from Ontario collided with the truck driver’s tractor-trailer while parked on Interstate 390 in Geneseo, New York, Edith Pearce, representing the six children of the truck driver and other lawyers representing the widow reached a $2.2 million dollar settlement in this truck accident case.

This wrongful death action was brought when 3 people died in a multi-vehicle chain reaction collision on an eastbound interstate, at or near a bridge maintenance project near Philadelphia.  The semi-truck driver rear-ended the plaintiff’s vehicle.  The plaintiffs argued that the semi-truck driver and the construction firm in charge of the bridge maintenance project were both liable in the wrongful death truck accident case. They alleged that the truck driver was distracted and driving faster than was safe in the construction area.  They also contended that the construction company failed to allow adequate signage and space for slowing and merging, which caused the truck driver to hit the deceased’s car. At trial, the plaintiffs’ children and their estates were awarded a combined $19.1 million dollar payout split between the parties in the case.

How Long Can It Take to Get A Settlement in a Truck Accident Case? 

The time to settlement can vary, but in most truck accident cases, it can take between 6 and 18 months to see a settlement. This is wholly dependent upon the details of the case, how many plaintiffs and defendants are involved, and how complicated the comparative negligence issues are, among other factors.  No two cases are identical, but a good Philadelphia truck accident lawyer, focused on obtaining the right settlement for your case can make a difference in your outcome. 

What Should I Do if Multiple Parties are involved in my Truck Accident Case? 

Because Pennsylvania is a comparative negligence case, sorting out who is at fault, and to what percentage is a significant part of settling a case involving multiple parties. As with the accident example above, drivers, trucking companies, road construction companies, municipalities, and other entities can all own a share of the fault when an accident with a semi-truck occurs.  Sorting out the evidence and making a case for which parties are responsible for a settlement payout can be complicated. Hiring an experienced lawyer can make a big difference in the outcome of your case.

Hiring a Truck Accident Settlement Lawyer Can Help Increase Your Settlement

Once we’ve been retained, we will immediately go to work on your case.  We’ll collect the black box from the truck to obtain valuable accident data (if there is one available). We will also put the truck company on notice not to destroy any evidence. The accident scene will be photographed, witnesses will be interviewed, and the driver’s log will be obtained. This will show the number of hours the driver spent on the road on the day of the accident.

We’ll also work to compile medical bills, doctors’ statements, loss of work information, vehicle damages, and more to show the impact the accident had on your life to date, and help project the impacts that could be felt into the future. 

In a Martindale/NOLO study, satisfaction with settlement and outcomes increases exponentially when a lawyer is retained to represent the injured party 

The same study that measured satisfaction of outcomes above also asked those who received a settlement in a personal injury case how much compensation they received and if they had legal representation or not.  The cases that had legal representation obtained a settlement just under 350% more than if they did not have a lawyer’s representation.  This can make a huge difference in your future care and livelihood after a truck accident. Call an experienced truck accident lawyer today for more information.

Contact An Experienced Truck Accident Attorney in Philadelphia

Our team of highly regarded attorneys can help you negotiate a settlement that exceeds what you can expect without representation. Contact us today to discuss your case with a free consultation. Have you been involved in an accident, like getting hit by a semi-truck? Contact us now.


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