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Cherry Hill Bicycle Accident Attorney

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A bicycle accident can be a serious thing to endure, and the victim is often sidelined for a while making it difficult to get back to their normal life. At The Pearce Law Firm, PC, we understand what a bicycle injury victim is going through, and we will work hard to get them the compensation they need to get their life back on track.

More people today are riding their bikes whether it’s for fun and recreation, getting into shape or even commuting to work. However, the down side to this is that much of the time bikes have to travel alongside the much larger and heavier motor vehicles and this inevitably leads to accidents.

Automobile-Bicycle Crash Injuries

A passenger car outweighs a bicycle and rider between 10 and 20 times. This means even a small bump can send a rider off their bike and into the emergency room and months of recovery. When this happens, you need an attorney who understands what you are going through and knows how to help you recover financially.

Not all injuries are the same, and the type of injury can make a big difference on the specific needs and challenges the injured cyclist will face.

At The Pearce Law Firm, PC, we are experienced in all types of bicycle injuries and know how to address the needs of the client when we get compensation for their injuries. Some of those injuries common to a bicycle accident are:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury: A head injury is the most common traumatic injury to a cyclist. Even when wearing a helmet, the head is vulnerable to serious injury in a bicycle accident. With this comes months or years of cognitive rehabilitation which needs to be addressed in any compensation award.
  • Severe Road Rash: A severe road rash can be as painful as a third degree burn and require much the same treatment including skin grafts and rehabilitation.
  • Broken Wrists: These are common in a bicycle accident, and a broken wrist can sideline the cyclist for some time. Any settlement or compensation amount must include losses like travel and loss of quality of life.
  • Fractured Ribs: A broken rib is painful and often takes time to heal. More severe cases can require surgery and extended recovery times.
  • Shattered Elbow/Knees: Falling off the bike can shatter a knee cap or an elbow upon impact. Either will require immobilization of the arm or leg until full recovery.

Types of Accidents

Not all injuries are alike, and not all accidents are alike. There are many ways a cyclist can end up in an injury accident, and a good lawyer is going to recognize that understanding the circumstances surrounding an accident is going to help in getting the proper compensation both during and after the recovery.

Contact a Cherry Hill Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been injured in a bicycle accident in the Cherry Hill area and is in need of a Cherry Hill bicycle accident lawyer, contact The Pearce Law Firm, Personal Injury and Accident Lawyers, P.C. online or call 215-557-8686 for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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