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Dangerous Dogs and At Risk Neighborhoods

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A dog has all the qualities you might hope to find in a best friend, and they’re known and beloved for their sense of loyalty, as well as for providing both companionship and protection. For many people, their dog is more than just a pet; it’s an extension of their family. While many breeds of dogs are known for having the kind of temperament that makes a good pet, there are some breeds that are considered more dangerous, to the point they actually threaten the peace and comfort of the neighborhoods they live in. Injuries from dog bites can happen anywhere, but some neighborhoods seem to have more than their share of dangerous breeds. Each year, more than 4.5 million people suffer some form of injury associated with dog bites, and these injuries can range from mild bites and scratches to severe puncture wounds, torn muscles, and ligament damage. In some cases, injuries due to dog bites and attacks can be life-threatening, and even fatal. The following includes information about breeds that are considered the most dangerous in terms of biting and attacking, as well as the New Jersey neighborhoods in which you are most likely to find these dogs.

Dangerous Dog Breeds

While even the most docile and gentle dog, given the right circumstances, has the potential to become aggressive and bite, certain breeds of dogs have been statistically shown to be more dangerous and aggressive than others. While many states, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania, don’t allow breed-specific legislation to counter dog bites and attacks – otherwise known as dog profiling – that doesn’t stop insurance companies from doing it. A recent article in Psychology Today outlines 14 dog breeds blacklisted by insurance companies due to the high risk of attack they pose. The list includes the following dog breeds:

  • Pit bulls;
  • Rottweilers;
  • German shepherds;
  • Doberman Pinschers;
  • Great Danes;
  • Chow Chows;
  • Mastiffs;
  • Malamutes; and
  • Huskies.

When dogs do bite or attack, the claim for damages often goes through the owner’s home insurance policy. For insurance companies, the above breeds pose too great a risk. Insurers may either deny coverage, or charge higher rates for people owning these breeds and it’s no wonder why: injuries from dangerous dogs cost insurance companies millions of dollars each year.

NJ Neighborhoods with Dangerous Dogs

According to insurance company reports on dog bites, New Jersey ranks tenth in the nation for dog bite injuries and ranks fourth in terms of the amounts paid to cover these claims. The topic of dog breeds that are considered dangerous has been in the news with reports of a police officer who claims he was forced to shoot and kill an aggressive German shepherd in the Wyckoff area, a Purple Heart Veteran who was denied entry to a bus on the Newark/Transit 1 route on account of his pit bull guide dog, and recently proposed legislation concerning tougher leash laws spurred by incidents of dogs attacking and killing children in the Lyndhurst and Patterson communities.

Neighborhoods with high crime and drug use rates have long been thought of as hotbeds for aggressive dog breeds. People in these neighborhoods often feel compelled to get potentially aggressive guard dogs, such as German shepherds, for protection, and criminals often use breeds such as rottweilers and pit bulls to intimidate others and alert them to law enforcement. At the same time, many people defend breeds considered dangerous on the grounds that aggressive dogs are more a result of nurture than nature. As a result, potentially dangerous breeds can be found in any city or town.

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