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Details are Important in Your Personal Injury Case

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “The devil is in the details.” This generally means that the small details of something can be overlooked, which can lead to problems later on because of their importance. In the instance of your personal injury case, your settlement is most definitely in the details. Understanding the importance of not overlooking the details in your case will help you obtain the settlement you need and deserve. Neither you nor your personal injury attorney can afford to ignore or miss any details.

When asked about which details could make or break a personal injury claim, a seasoned personal injury attorney will tell you there are too many to count. How do you make sure you cover all the details in a personal injury case? Here are some guidelines.

Always tell the whole story and truth to your attorney

Many times clients withhold information from their attorney because they want their case to sound more attractive.. What they don’t understand is that when money is at stake, every statement and piece of information is scrutinized, analyzed, and verified. Insurance companies will not settle a case for a large amount of money without a thorough investigation. And if they find you have falsified any information, your whole case becomes suspect; and any lie discovered in a court setting could prejudice a jury against you.

Listen to your attorney

Often clients believe they can help their case and they act against the advice of their attorney or without telling their attorney. This again can become fatal to your case. An experienced personal injury attorney will give advice based on years of experience. However, clients often want to try and “help” their case and go behind their attorney’s back. Always listen to your attorney and ask your attorney before doing anything about your case.

Loose lips sink ships

“Loose lips sink ships.” This American idiom from World War II was advice given to soldiers and other Americans in sensitive positions to avoid being careless in talking about secure information. Lives depended on adherence to these warnings; so does your case. Talking about your accident or your case with anyone could end up sinking your case if the information were to end up in the wrong hands. This, of course, applies to any email and especially all social media.

Nobody has the right to talk to you about your case except your attorney. Any correspondence from an insurance company, court representative, attorney, police officer, or anyone on the entire planet is inappropriate. Direct all inquiries to your attorney.

Sign here

Not to be facetious, but don’t sign anything after your accident without approval from your attorney; not even an autograph. No matter how innocuous a document may seem, your signature says you agree with everything on it. Even hospital documents offered for you to sign at your release could damage your case if any information has been overlooked or isn’t accurate. It only takes a moment to fax or email documents to your attorney for approval.

Choose the right personal injury attorney

An experienced personal injury attorney knows the importance of details in your case and will most likely rehearse the above information and more with you. She or he will be organized and have every detail on hand or filed away for reference. Your attorney will expect you to provide accurate documents regarding your injuries, medical bills, income, and property losses. Your attorney may even want you to keep a journal and a detailed schedule. You will be expected to attend every doctor’s appointment, fill every prescription, and follow your doctor’s advice to the letter.

If you are not a detail person, your attorney will help you to become one. Your case depends on the details you provide. Your settlement is, as we mentioned above, most definitely in the details.

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