Milk Crate Challenge Injury Attorney in Philadelphia

It’s all the rage on social media, but its inherently dangerous outcomes have led to platforms like TikTok banning any of the videos from being uploaded. Participants in the “Milk Crate Challenge” range from youth and teenagers to adults – and the reality is, not only is it dangerous, it can be criminal, and participants can be sued by injured parties if they had anything to do with setting up the challenge or suggesting it in the first place.

It is a challenge that has quickly gone viral on social media. Hundreds of pictures have been posted on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. The challenge requires participants to stack as many milk crates as possible into a pyramid design, then walk over the top of them. 


“If you didn’t set it up (in the first place), nobody is going to cross (…) I would tell anybody if you’re thinking of setting one of these up, don’t” Edith Pearce, The Pearce Law Firm


Who Is Liable For An Injury When Trying the Milk Crate Challenge In Pennsylvania?

milk crate challenge injury lawyers in philadelphia​​Even though walking over a pile of milk crates may look like fun, it is dangerous. If someone is injured while trying to complete the challenge, the injured person has the right to sue the party who set up the crates for negligence. In the Philadelphia area, this is true even if the injured person also helped set up the crates.  A spectator that’s injured by a flying crate or if a person trying the challenge falls on them could be awarded damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

In Pennsylvania, a person can be held liable for the injuries of another person if that person negligently causes or contributes to the injury.  In order to prove that a person was negligent in the Philadelphia area, a person injured in a “milk crate challenge” would need to show in court that the person who set up the crates did not act as a reasonably careful person would act in those same or similar circumstances.  That’s a low barrier, as just setting up the crates and making them available for someone to walk over could be considered negligent.

Prevention is the first line of defense

While a majority of those participating in this challenge are teens and adults, having a conversation with your family is the first step. Make sure they understand that just placing one crate, or holding onto a crate can make them liable. Being in the same vicinity as a milk crate challenge could open them up to being implicated in the event of an injury, even if they don’t participate – so leaving the scene and reporting what they see to an adult is probably the safest course of action.

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