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Chain Reaction Accidents On the Pennsylvania Turnpike

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Chain reaction accidents aren’t at all unusual on the Pennsylvania turnpike, especially during the winter months. These types of accidents can get incredibly complex in a matter of seconds. Any chain reaction accident is going to involve three or more vehicles. They ordinarily occur when one vehicle is stopped on a roadway. That vehicle is rear-ended by the vehicle following it. The following vehicle is then hit by a third vehicle following it. The entire scenario turns into an insurance nightmare, especially when you’ve been injured.

Contact Us After a Chain Reaction Accident

Attorney Edith Pearce has past experience working as a defense attorney for an insurance company. After seeing the tactics they use to avoid paying people what they deserve she became a personal injury attorney. She is one of the Pennsylvania’s top rated auto accident attorneys. If you’ve been involved in a chain reaction accident and sustained a serious injury, contact her today for a free consultation.

A Recent Bucks County Chain Reaction Crash

On Thursday, September 20, 2018, thow people were injured on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Lower Southampton. Police said that while in a construction zone, the driver of a car struck a construction truck. The force of that impact then propelled the truck into a third vehicle. The impacts were so severe that first responders were required to free one of the injured victims from the wreckage.

Who Is Going to Pay For all of This?

From an insurance perspective, you’re likely going to have at least three insurance companies who are all unwilling to pay. One hand will be in their pocket protecting their money, and their other hand will be pointing at the other insurance companies.

You can get your car repaired with your own insurance coverage, but nobody else who was involved in the crash is going to want to compensate you for your medical bills and other damages. That’s why it’s critical for you to have an experienced and effective Pennsylvania car accident attorney on your side of your case from the beginning.

Common Injuries in Chain Reaction Accidents

Much might depend on how many impacts you feel from the chain reaction. You’ll have the first impact from the car following you hitting you. A second later, you’ll have the second impact from your vehicle being pushed into the vehicle ahead of you. Then, you’ll feel a third impact from the third vehicle. Those impacts can cause considerable damage to the human body. Here are some common injuries that are suffered in these types of crashes:

  • Traumatic brain injuries.
  • Acceleration and deceleration injuries to the neck in the form of hyperflexion- hyperextension of the cervical spine.
  • Lower back injuries to the lumbar spine.
  • Dashboard injuries to the knees.
  • Rotator cuff injuries to the shoulders.
  • Sprains and fractures of the hands and wrists.

The Request For a Statement

You can expect that a representative of at least one of the insurance companies involved in your chain reaction accident will be contacting you for purposes of obtaining a recorded statement from you. It’s strongly recommended that you politely refuse to give an opposing insurance company any type of a statement about the crash without an attorney present. In obtaining a statement from you, it’s the intention of the insurance company to use your own words against you in the future in efforts to attack your credibility and devalue your claim. It might even use your statement against somebody else who was involved in the crash. There is no law that requires you to give an opposing insurer a statement without an attorney being present on your behalf, so simply refuse to give one. Talk with us instead.

What to do After a Crash on the Pennsylvania Turnpike

If you are injured as a victim of a chain reaction crash, call 911. Ask that police and paramedics come to the scene. You can also use one the Emergency Call Boxes if you’re near one. They’re the yellow boxes which have “HELP” written on them. Then, get immediate medical attention. After that, call us, and we’ll arrange for a free consultation and case review. You’re going to be in the middle of an insurance mess. You’ll likely need a qualified, experienced and effective Pennsylvania car accident lawyer representing your interests.

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