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Can You Sue Someone for Shooting You in Pennsylvania?

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When you hear that someone has been shot, the first thing that comes to mind is crime and violence. However, gunshot injuries aren’t always due to those factors. Sometimes, gun injuries occur because of an accident and negligence, leading to the question: “Can you sue someone for shooting you in Pennsylvania?” A personal injury action can be pursued, and therefore, it can be beneficial to speak with an experienced gun injury attorney to learn your rights after being accidentally shot.

Potential Gunshot Accidents

Some gunshot injuries can be caused by accidents, including situations such as:

    • Thinking the safety is on
    • Leaving a loaded weapon unsecured
    • Thinking a loaded gun is unloaded
    • Shooting without aiming at a specific target
    • Manufacturing defects
    • And more

Not every accidental shooting happens in the same way. However, there are always situations that fall outside of the expected norm. That’s why it can be beneficial to speak with a Pennsylvania gun injury lawyer about the specifics surrounding your situation on how you were injured to learn if you’re eligible for a personal injury claim.

Gunshot Injury Statistics

gunshot-injuries-statsIn 2021, the National Safety Council noted that there were 549 preventable or accidental gun-related deaths that year. Accidental shootings equate to about 2% of fatalities in gun-related casualties, but about 37% of injuries in a year are caused by unintentional firearm accidents. People living in the United States are four times more likely to be killed in an accidental shooting than in other first-world countries. Those are sobering statistics when you consider that these are all from unintended shootings that were accidental in nature and many times involve negligence that could have been prevented.

Accident Gunshot Injuries

Some of the most common accidental shooting injuries include:

  • Injuries to the extremities, such as arms or legs
  • Hand injuries
  • Injuries to the chest and stomach areas
  • Facial wounds
  • Damaged eyes or ears
  • Hearing loss
  • Scars
  • Disfigurement

In some cases, an accidental gunshot wound can end up being fatal.

Are You Wondering Can You Sue Someone for Shooting You in Pennsylvania?

Yes, you can sue someone for shooting you in Pennsylvania. If you have been a victim of a shooting and believe that another party is responsible for your injuries, you have the legal right to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for your damages.  It’s important to consult with a gunshot wound lawyer who specializes in personal injury to understand the specific legal procedures and requirements for such a case in Pennsylvania.

Gun Safety and Proper Gun Storage

One of the areas where negligence can often be found in gunshot accidents is that either the gun was not used safely as required by law or the owner did not correctly store it. Proper prevention could drastically reduce the number of accidental shootings that occur in a year. Gun owners must take responsibility for their firearms by staying up to date with their training and ensuring that their guns are stored safely, especially in homes with young children.

Liability and Gunshot Injuries

Here’s how several different parties can be held liable when there’s an accidental gunshot injury depending on the scenario of what occurred. Homeowners may be held responsible in some situations, such as a homeowner failing to properly secure their guns when one of their children’s friends visited the home and was accidentally injured by an unsecured weapon. Gun owners can also be found liable for accidental shootings, such as not securing the safety of their firearm and it accidentally goes off, injuring someone. A person who shoots the gun can also be liable, even if they aren’t the gun owner. Their negligent action to shoot someone by accident can make them accountable for the damages. Finally, manufacturers can also be held liable in some cases. As the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act does give most weapons manufacturers immunity, there are some areas, such as selling a defective weapon, that can allow for a lawsuit against them. If you’ve been injured by a firearm and believe that another party’s negligence is to blame, you should speak with a gunshot wound lawyer familiar with gun accidents to determine if you can sue someone for an accidental but negligent shooting or use of a gun or firearm.

Potential Damages For Accidental Gunshot Injuries

Recovering from an accidental shooting can be challenging. Not only are you dealing with injuries, but you can also be in a situation where you’re unable to work or go about your daily tasks like usual. Some of the potential damages you can seek for an accidental gunshot injury claim include the following:

Not every accidental gunshot injury situation is the same as another. The amount of damages you can seek will be based on the specifics of your accident. Some of the damages sought in a lawsuit are easier to determine an amount, such as the medical bills. Still, if you continue to need medical care in the future or may miss a large amount of work, it can be much harder to determine. That’s why an experienced personal injury attorney near you can be beneficial in these cases to ensure that you get fair compensation for the accidental injury.

Contact a Pennsylvania Gun Injury Lawyer

Speaking with a nearby experienced gun accident attorney can help you determine whether or not you have a strong claim and how to move forward with your case. The Pearce Law Firm is here to help if you’ve been injured by a gun accident. If you have any questions and need to speak to a Pennsylvania gun injury lawyer, contact The Pearce Law Firm online or call (215) 486-3820 today to set up a no-cost initial consultation. Our legal team can review your case’s specifics, determine if you have a claim to move forward with, and determine how our team will work toward getting you the damages you deserve.

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