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Uninsured Motorist Claims in Philadelphia

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If you are like many people, you bought your car insurance from the agent your family has always been using, and may even be a good friend. Maybe a friend of family member recommended your insurance agent. Your insurance agent’s job is to make sure you are adequately covered. They should also make certain you had plenty of coverage against the possibility of an uninsured motorist. However, often insurance agents convince their clients that they should waive un-insurance coverage. Over the years, you paid your premiums on time and even enjoyed the greeting cards your agent sent you on special occasions. But then an uninsured motorist hits you destroying your car and putting you in the hospital.

You may be shocked to find that in times like this your neighborly insurance agent has become a fair-weather friend. At this stage you don’t need an average car wreck lawyer in Philadelphia. You need The Pearce Law Firm, a personal injury law firm with the experience to know how the insurance companies operate.

How Philadelphia Uninsured Motorist Claims Work

An uninsured motorist is usually uninsured for a reason; typically he or she is struggling financially and has decided not to buy even basic insurance coverage. Uninsured motorist insurance exists to protect you from a driver who has not purchased insurance. Your insurance is now responsible to cover your injuries and losses. They are required, according to the terms of your policy, to cover your medical bills, rehabilitation, lost income, lost property, along with pain and suffering. For a few dollars more, it was easy for your agent to talk you into maximum coverage but now that you need it, the insurance company who your agent works for may be talking minimum dollars.

Why You Need Help From An Experienced Attorney

When you see the offer from your insurance company and listen to their detailed explanation for its inadequate amount, you need to know that you are an unwitting participant in one of the most rehearsed and masterful sales presentations you may ever see. The attorney making the offer has a job, — to pay you as little as possible. To receive the benefits you rightfully deserve, especially since you paid for them, you need an attorney that knows your rights and knows the details of insurance law.

We have worked insurance law and personal injury law from both sides. This gives us a unique advantage for you. We know how to work the system for you to obtain the compensation you need and deserve.

Trust us when we say that the other attorney being paid by the insurance company is not your friend. Our experience and knowledge will cut though their sales pitch and get you the compensation you need. Give us a call today.

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