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Philadelphia Car Accident PTSD Lawyer

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Aside from the cost of car repairs and physical injuries, there is also an unseen element to the effects of car accidents that many people don’t consider: post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The mental trauma that comes from being involved in a car accident can sometimes be the worst injury of all and could actually cost you the most in terms of financial loss and quality of life. It is important that you have an experienced and qualified car accident lawyer on your side to help you through this difficult time in your life.

When a third party is responsible for causing your accident, it means that you have the option to seek compensation from them for these damages. In order for you to recover from your losses as much as possible, you will need the experience and knowledge of a Philadelphia car accident PTSD lawyer from the Pearce Law Firm to help through what’s to come.

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Dealing with PTSD After an Accident | Car Accident PTSD | Seeking Compensation for PTSD

Dealing with PTSD After an Accident

It’s natural to be upset after a car accident, even in the days that follow. However, in some cases, the experience of the accident was so dramatic that it’s difficult to shake off what happened. In some cases, this develops into PTSD.

Most people equate PTSD with wars and soldiers. The truth is that any significant trauma can cause PTSD, including car crashes. In some cases, people don’t even realize they suffer from the disorder, while others think they are losing their minds.

PTSD from a car accident can cause someone to be terrified of driving or even of getting into cars at all. Whether sound or some sort of visual stimulus, anything that reminds the victim of the car crash can trigger the disorder and interfere with life.


Car Accident PTSD

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The strain of trying to manage PTSD while holding down a job or performing daily tasks such as driving to the grocery store can lead to behaviors that could cost you your job and other personal losses.

Some of the signs of car accident PTSD include the following:

  • Tension and stress at the sound of loud noises
  • Extreme reactions to fast movements in your peripheral vision
  • Sudden aversion to being in a vehicle, whether as the driver or a passenger
  • Feeling as if you are no longer in your physical location, but are instead back in the middle of the car accident and its aftermath

It is very common for people with PTSD from car accidents to have extreme reactions to sounds, sights, and settings that remind them of the accident. PTSD does not just cause a person to think of these things but forces them to painfully relive the feelings and details of the accident over and over again.

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Seeking Compensation for PTSD

Because of the behavioral changes and emotional distress caused by this disorder, it can be almost impossible for you to perform all of the daily tasks you were once able to carry out. Expensive therapy and medical assistance may be necessary to manage and recover from PTSD.

PTSD can change your life for the worse. If someone else’s faulty judgment is responsible for what happened to you, we can help you seek compensation, such as in a PA car accident settlement, from the responsible party that may allow you to pick up the pieces and move on with your life. Contact the Pearce Law firm at 215-557-8686 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to schedule your free consultation.

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