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Philadelphia Haunted House Tour

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Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in the nation.  With such history comes a lot of old buildings with frightening architecture.  With old architecture, comes the stories of the sightings of ghosts. Perhaps it’s more than just sightings.  Perhaps these buildings are actually haunted. Here are some of the most “haunted” places in Philadelphia.

Eastern State Penitentiary

The first is Eastern State Penitentiary.  Although it’s not exactly a house, it did serve as a home for many inmates until it was abandoned in 1970.  Once featured on the show Ghost Huntersthis former prison has had ghost sightings since as early as the 1940’s.  This place serves as a halloween haunted house through November 8, called “Terror Behind the Walls” with a dedicated website.  Eastern State Penitentiary is open throughout the rest of the year as well with an audio tour voiced by Steve Buscemi.  It was ranked by Time as #2 on the Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the United States.

Baleroy Mansion

Another famous haunted location in Philadelphia is Baleroy Mansion.  Apparently this estate has a famous ghost inside it. Thomas Jefferson is the one I am referring to, but seven other ghosts are said to have made appearances there too. This mansion is over 100 years old and ghosts have been reported by the late owner as well as guests who have resided there.  The house contains 30 rooms and ghosts are said to occupy each one. It also holds a chair called the “Death Chair” that supposedly belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte and people who sit there are said to die shortly afterwards. People have claimed that ghosts and spirits lead people to sit on this “Death Chair.”


Over in Germantown is the estate called Grumblethorpe.  While the name sounds a bit silly, the spirits in this house are no laughing matter.  It was built in 1744 and was a part of the Battle of Germantown. The front parlor of this museum has permanent blood stains from a British general during that battle.  There Some say that the place is haunted by an orphaned girl named Justinia who lived with the family who lived here. Justinia liked to bake bread and many visitors say that they can smell dough baking when they visit. There are ghost tours and paranormal investigations, included one hosted by The Original Philadelphia Ghost Tour Co.

General Wayne Inn

Another notable ghost haunts the halls of The General Wayne Inn in Merion.  Edgar Allen Poe came to this Inn several times during his lifetime and his ghost along with the ghosts of several Hessian soldiers are said to walk the halls.  The building’s haunts date back to as far as 1704 but has been creepy until recently. In 1996 one of the owners murdered his business partner in their office and soon after, his girlfriend killed herself.  In 2005 it was purchased by Chabad of the Main Line and it remains a synagogue. However it still one of the most haunted places in Philadelphia. This building has even been investigated on the show Unsolved Mysteries.

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Fort Mifflin

Near the Philadelphia airport, you can find one of the only remaining intact battlefields of the American Revolutionary War, Fort Mifflin.  During the American Revolutionary War, the British Army bombarded the fort.  400 men at Fort Mifflin held the British navy, the strongest navy in the world, for weeks, which allowed George Washington and his troops to travel safely to Valley Forge.  However, the ghosts of these soldiers is well known in the area, including the voice of a screaming women known as the “Wailing Woman,” who is mourning the loss of these soldiers.  Fort Mifflin was named by the History Channel and the Travel Channel to be one of the most haunted sites on earth. On Halloween, the fort has its annual, “Sleep with the Ghosts” event.

There are several haunted places in Philadelphia.  If you believe in haunted houses then this may be a place you want to visit.  If you don’t believe in ghosts then perhaps these places will change your mind.


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