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Philadelphia Dangerous Road Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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Surprisingly, 42 percent of US motorcycle accidents in 2014 were single-vehicle crashes according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. While alcohol use was a factor in a fair portion of these crashes (43 percent), sometimes dangerous road conditions were to blame.

Unfortunately, proving this to authorities who often view motorcyclists as reckless can be a challenge, as can figuring out the jurisdiction of the road in question. If negligent road conditions were to blame for your accident, it may be possible to seek financial damages by providing proper evidence. A knowledgeable Philadelphia dangerous road motorcycle accident lawyer from the Pearce Law Firm can help you do precisely that. An experienced accident attorney can help. Give us a call or send us a message using the contact form below.

Pennsylvania Highway Hazards

To some, motorcycles embody the freedom of the road, but in reality, they require much more vigilance to operate safely. Not only are bikers at the mercy of other drivers who don’t always see them, but bad road conditions can also quickly throw off their two-wheeled balancing act.

Here are some common dangerous road pitfalls that can take motorcycles down:

  • Inadequate road lighting
  • Damaged or missing traffic lights
  • Traffic barriers or damaged rails that lead vehicles into danger
  • Inadequate traffic control in construction zones
  • Construction debris
  • Potholes
  • Improper shoulder drop-offs

Potholes and Other Damage

Potholes are particularly devastating to bikers. They develop on roads due to paving defects, water seepage and poor drainage, and insufficient pavement thickness. They can be hard to spot while trying to pay attention to other vehicles, and they can be concealed by water, appearing to be simple puddles.

Complicating matters, since 1978, Pennsylvania only pays for pothole or sinkhole-induced damages on some types of roads depending on what level of government manages the road and then only under certain conditions. For other road hazards, one need only glance at the dizzying array of rules about Pennsylvania road jurisdiction to understand that proving your case might be better left to someone who knows the ropes. A Philadelphia dangerous road motorcycle accident lawyer from our office will know what to do.

Road Responsibility

Finding out who controls a particular Pennsylvania road can be tricky. Road responsibilities are often split between local, state, and federal government agencies. Since government creates the rules, getting them to pay damages can be challenging.

Not only that, but roadwork is often contracted out, meaning that if your injury happened because of an unsecured construction site, a construction company or private road owner might be at fault. Examples of construction site negligence can be leaving equipment and debris on the road or failing to post adequate signage.

Investigate Your Dangerous Road Case with a Philadelphia Attorney

A Pearce Law Firm Philadelphia dangerous road motorcycle accident lawyer knows how to uncover and prove fault in motorcycle accident cases. By gathering evidence on site, interviewing witnesses, and more, we can construct a convincing argument for your case. We know how to trace the chain of command to find who to appeal to for damages, and we battle insurance companies or go to court to fight for your best interests.

Call us for free today to discuss your accident with no obligation by dialing 215-557-8686. Alternatively, you can complete our online form below to have someone from our office contact you at your leisure.

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