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Philadelphia SEPTA Accident Lawyer


Philadelphia SEPTA Accident Lawyer

Philadelphia SEPTA Accident Lawyer


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Like many large cities, Philadelphia offers several public transportation options to its residents. Buses, regional rail systems, customized community transportation for people with disabilities, and trolleys, are all means of public transportation provided to Philadelphia residents, giving them the chance to move freely throughout the city without having to worry about the expense of owning and maintaining a vehicle.

However, since the public transportation system provides a public service, an agency is in place to administer the details of licensing, insurance, and dealing with any personal injury claims that arise from accidents. This agency is called the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), and if you are ever in an accident involving public transportation in Philadelphia, you will need to have an experienced Philadelphia SEPTA accident lawyer on your side. Someone who will be able to maneuver their complex legal claims department and who can help you get the compensation you deserve.

In this Guide:

  1. Why You Should Hire An Experienced SEPTA Lawyer
  2. Personal Injury and SEPTA Accidents
  3. Who’s at Fault?
  4. SEPTA and the Statute of Limitations
  5. SEPTA Bus Bicycle Accidents
  6. Support for Philadelphia Train Accident Victims and Their Families
  7. Who Can Claim a SEPTA Wrongful Death Claim?
  8. Experienced Philadelphia SEPTA Accident Lawyer Near You

Why You Should Hire An Experienced SEPTA Lawyer Near You

A SEPTA accident lawyer can help if you have been in an accident with or are hurt while riding Philadelphia public transportation. SEPTA lawsuits can be quite complex as this organization serves many functions, including maintaining all public transportation vehicles, keeping them up to code, and making sure passengers are safe.

SEPTA also manages personal injury claims. The agency falls under the umbrella of protection provided by the Sovereign Immunity Act. This act limits the financial liability of SEPTA, with the intention that the public transit system does not go broke if a person successfully sues SEPTA in a personal injury claim.

Personal Injury and SEPTA Accidents

The Sovereign Immunity Act limits the expenses of a personal injury claim to $1 million per accident, regardless of the severity of injuries or how many people are involved. It also limits liability to $250,000 per person injured.

However, SEPTA personal injury claims don’t always involve car accidents with another vehicle, other examples of SEPTA accidents include:

  • Being hit by a public transit vehicle’s side-view mirror while walking on a sidewalk
  • Being hit by a bus while crossing the street
  • Sexual assault while riding public transportation
  • Physical assault while riding public transportation
  • Injuries from repeated, abrupt stop-and-go motions
  • A variety of recent cases involving SEPTA
    • 2017 – A trolley crash in Philadelphia when it smashed into a train that was parked on the tracks.
    • 2019 – A SEPTA Train Rider when he fell backwards onto the tracks of the Market-Frankford Line as he exited the train car
    • 2021 – A SEPTA Train struck & killed a pedestrian on the tracks in Tioga-Nicetown

Many SEPTA accidents overlap into other types of cases, including personal injury, premises liability, and others. Whatever the details of your accident, at Pearce Law Firm Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers, we are experienced Philadelphia public transportation accident lawyers. We can help you unravel the complicated laws involved in your case, aide you in dealing with the SEPTA accident claims department, and assist you in pursuing the compensation that will enable you to move on with your life.

Who’s at Fault?

At first blush, it would seem that the pedestrian is almost always at fault because the train can only ride on the tracks, which means that if the pedestrian is not on the tracks, then there would be no accident. However, it’s not always that simple.

According to Pennsylvania law, anyone not on a train or on a crosswalk or other designated crossing zone of the SEPTA tracks is a trespasser. This means that it’s technically illegal to go on the tracks even for a moment unless in the crossing zones.

But not all accidents are solely the fault of the person on the tracks. Under personally injury law, the train company owes a duty of reasonable care to everyone even if they are trespassing. Thus when the train company fails to act according to the law, then they can be partially or fully liable. Some of these duties are:

  • Keep a proper lookout on the tracks for people crossing or walking.
  • When spotted, the train operator must take reasonable steps to avoid hitting the person.
  • Properly maintain all railroad safety equipment and safety warning signs.
  • Properly train employees responsible for the safety of the community such as conductors, operators and lookouts.
  • Steps to screen for drugs and alcohol use by employees.
  • Keep trains and hooking mechanisms in proper working order.
  • Maintain proper speeds accounting for inclines, declines, curves and populated areas.

SEPTA and the Statute of Limitations

While personal injury claims in Philadelphia normally have a two-year statute of limitations, SEPTA accident claims have a special 6-month notice requirement under the law.  That is why hiring a qualified SEPTA injury lawyer near you as soon after the accident as possible is so important. Because, to file a claim against SEPTA, the injured party must give SEPTA notice of intent to sue within 6 months of the injury stating the details of the accident and medical information. Also, because Sovereign Immunity caps SEPTA’s payout or damages to $1 million per accident no matter how many people were injured, it is important to file your claim quickly before other victims of a SEPTA accident have been paid out.

It takes time for a SEPTA accident lawyer to collect evidence and build a case proving liability for what happened. Contact us as soon as possible so that your case has the best possible chance for a successful outcome.

SEPTA Bus Bicycle Accidents

SEPTA buses crisscross the Philadelphia metro area on a daily basis providing transportation to hundreds of thousands of residents each day. These buses are often full of passengers and can cause significant damage and injury when they collide with other vehicles or bicycles.

Bicycles have a low visual profile, and they can be missed by many drivers even when right in the driver’s field of vision. Added to this is that weight and size difference between the average cyclist and a SEPTA bus, and the risk of serious injury is great.  SEPTA busses also frequently cross bike lanes to approach bus stops and make turns – this can lead to an increase bike lane accidents.

Support for Philadelphia Train Accident Victims and Their Families

When basic precautions aren’t considered in the design of public transportation and a tragedy occurs, city governments and departments must be held liable for their negligence.

These accidents can leave victims to heal from horrible injuries and can also rob a family of a cherished loved one.  The family can soon face ambulance expenses and funeral costs all coming due after an accident that wasn’t the victim’s fault. They can also have the financial support the victim provided the family through his or her job suddenly disappear.

Families facing a financial crisis while still grieving their loss are allowed to file a wrongful death claim against those responsible for a deadly accident. In the case of a SEPTA train accident, the city may have to accept liability in any death that results from one of their vehicles.

Proper safeguards and detection systems may not have been in place to alert train operators to someone in danger. A train operator can also be investigated to see if they made an error in judgment. If an accident happened as a direct result of security issues around a train station, then city governments can be held liable for injury or assault. All of these issues and more can be investigated by an attorney after a tragic accident.

Who Can Claim a SEPTA Wrongful Death Claim?

Those who can claim financial losses are the spouse, any children, or those relying on support from the deceased. Usually, this is a family member living with the deceased. The survivors might have been supported by the victim or was the victim’s spouse or parent. Each survivor makes a claim based on their individual relationship with the victim.

Experienced Philadelphia SEPTA Accident Lawyer

SEPTA accidents can be complicated, especially when it comes to getting full compensation for injuries and damages. Don’t risk your health and wellbeing by overlooking important details.

If you have been in a Philadelphia SEPTA accident, make sure you have the experience and knowledge of the Pearce Law Firm on your side. Please call our office at 215-557-8686 or submit the form at the bottom of this page to schedule a free case evaluation.

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