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Pregnancy Injuries and Complications After a Car Accident

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minor car accident pregnantFor pregnant women, the protection of their unborn baby is often the first and most important priority. Therefore, any car accident (even a minor fender bender), can turn into a nightmare for an expecting mother.

This situation can be extremely traumatic and overwhelming for expecting mothers. If they suffer a physical injury, their immediate thought often turns to questions about the health of their child. This is perfectly understandable since the risk of increased complications after a car accident can be great and are a reason for heightened observation by a doctor and/or OBGYN.

Risks to the Mother and Child After a Car Accident

Serious ramifications to an expecting mother after an auto accident may include:

  • Heightened risk of a miscarriage;
  • Hemorrhaging;
  • Internal bleeding; and
  • Possible pre-term labor.

Other risks include stress and emotional trauma. See this PDF. The feeling of uncertainty and concern over the well-being of their child can be overwhelming for an expecting mother after a car accident.

Medical Attention is Absolutely Necessary

Call your doctor immediately after an auto accident, especially if you experience any of the following issues after the collision:

  • Pain in your abdomen;
  • Painful urination;
  • Vaginal bleeding;
  • Increased vaginal discharge; and/or
  • Sudden change in your baby’s movements.

Any of these issues may be a sign that you or your baby suffered serious harm because of the collision and may require medical intervention to correct the problem.

If You Were In an Accident, Your Pregnancy May Shift to the “High Risk” Category

A serious car wreck significantly increases the chances of having a high-risk pregnancy. The after-effects of a car crash may place you and your unborn baby at a higher risk for serious problems including slowed growth for the baby, birth defects, preterm labor complications, and problems with the placenta. It is even possible that your doctor or primary care physician may decide to induce labor if they believe your health, or the health of your baby, is at risk.

Car Accident Miscarriage

Car Accident Pregnant MiscarriageOne of the most heartbreaking and traumatizing ramifications of a serious car accident is a miscarriage (also known as a spontaneous abortion). A miscarriage means your pregnancy is effectively over. Your unborn baby’s life was extinguished due to the trauma associated with the collision.

You may suffer a miscarriage if you suddenly develop vaginal bleeding. If that bleeding is accompanied by intense pain and discomfort, you could be suffering a miscarriage and need to see a doctor right away.

Damages You Can Pursue After a Car Wreck

If you or your child suffered harm as a result of an automobile accident, you have the ability to pursue financial restitution from the at-fault driver. The financial restitution (a.k.a. damages) you can pursue includes reimbursement for your medical expenses, any time missed from work, and pain and suffering. In accidents involving a pregnant, expecting mother, the pain and suffering associated with the collision can be quite severe. As mentioned earlier, an expecting mother is enduring trauma and agony for two people. Not only could the mother be suffering physical injuries, but she is forced to endure the gut-wrenching thought of her unborn baby suffering injuries and long-term complications because of the collision.

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