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Are Headphones Illegal While Biking in Philadelphia?

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Under the Statutes of Pennsylvania Title 75, § 3314, motorists aren’t allowed to wear headphones while driving any vehicle. Although not explicitly stated in this statute, most lawyers believe § 3314 can be applied to bicyclists as well as car drivers, motorcyclists, and e-scooter users.

Significantly, § 3314 says it’s illegal to wear headphones in one or two ears. So, even if you’re caught on your bicycle wearing one earbud, you’re still technically breaking Pennsylvania’s laws.

There are, however, a few exemptions to this general rule. First off, medically-recognized devices that enhance a driver’s hearing are allowed under § 3314. Lawmakers also recognize wireless headsets (e.g. Bluetooth) that allow users to listen to phone calls through just one ear.

Again, since § 3314 doesn’t specifically apply to bicyclists, this is still somewhat of a grey area. To be on the safe side, lawyers highly recommend bicyclists leave their headphones at home when hitting the streets of Philadelphia.

To read § 3314 in full, feel free to click on this website.

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