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A dog attack can be terrifying and do severe damage to the victim. We all love our dogs, but we know that dogs can become agitated or territorial and will often attack people. When this happens to those in South Jersey, they have a tremendous resource at their disposal to get payment for their injuries.

At The Pearce Law Firm, we know what a dog bite victim is going through and will work hard to get justice and compensation for the victim as allowed by the law. We have dog bite attorneys with experience in both personal injury and dog bite cases and stand ready to help if you’ve been bitten by a dog.

Making a Dog Bite Claim

In New Jersey, to make a dog bite injury claim, the victim needs to prove that the dog bit the victim and the bite caused the injury. This is different than some states that require the victim to prove that the owner of the dog was somehow negligent in the incident.

This is called the one-bite rule, and it means that if the dog had never shown aggressiveness toward a person, that when it happened for the first time, the owner wouldn’t be negligent because he or she wasn’t aware that there was a problem.

Strict liability

Like the majority of the states, New Jersey’s law is called strict liability because once the dog bites, then the owner is liable. This makes it easier for victims to get compensation for their injuries because the victim doesn’t have to prove that the owner was negligent.

Defenses to Dog Bite Claims

Not all owners of dogs that bite are going to be liable under New Jersey’s law. If the victim was on private property uninvited and was a trespasser and was bitten, then the owner wouldn’t be liable. Also, the victim isn’t allowed to provoke the animal and then make a claim for compensation if bitten.

Types of Dog Bite Injuries

With many dog bites, the fear of getting attacked is often greater than the actual injury. However, a bite can cause serious damage to the victim. Some of the most common of these injuries are:

  • Deep puncture wounds
  • Severe Lacerations
  • Muscle and tissue damage
  • Nerve damage
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • Crushed bones
  • Mental Anguish
  • PTSD
  • Infections
  • Loss of limb/appendage

What to do if Bitten by a Dog

If a dog bites you and causes an injury, the first thing to do is to get safe and then get medical treatment. If it’s possible to do so without being in further danger, you need to get pictures of the dog, the place where it happened and get information from any witnesses to the attack.

After you are well enough, then you should speak to an attorney who knows the laws regarding dog bites. Before you do, don’t speak to the owner of the dog or any attorney representing the owner of the owner’s homeowner’s insurance.

Then come talk to the attorneys at The Pearce Law Firm as we have experience in dealing with insurance companies and their owners, and we understand New Jersey’s laws regarding dog bites.

Children Victims

For a child, a dog bite is especially traumatic. It can physically and emotionally scar a child for years if not their whole life. Edith Pearce is considered by her peers as a compassionate and tough advocate for injured children.

She knows how precious a child is to their parents and family members and will work tirelessly getting justice and fair compensation for the victims of a dog bite.

Contact a South Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer.

After an accident involving a serious injury, contact a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer such as Edith Pearce. Unlike the huge firms with dozens of attorneys and many different attorneys handling different aspects of your case, Edith Pearce is personally involved in every case that we handle. She genuinely cares about her clients and you will not be treated like just another case or file.

Contact The Pearce Law Firm, P.C. at (856) 354-5688 for a free consultation and case evaluation. We handle clients in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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