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Drexel Hill Personal Injury Attorney

When someone is injured in a car crash or other accident that was the fault of someone else, it creates a substantial financial burden on the injured person. If you live in Drexel Hill and find yourself in this position, call The Pearce Law Firm, P.C., to talk to an attorney about your circumstances.

Edith Pearce is a well-respected, skillful and experienced attorney who understands how important it is to get the right legal help.

Drexel Hill and Personal Injuries

Drexel Hill is an unincorporated community that sits in the township of Upper Darby. The area is comprised almost entirely of neighborhoods that house around 30,000 people with a few retail enclaves, schools and recreational facilities.

Today’s society is complex, and no matter where you live, work or play, you are at risk of getting injured because of someone else’s negligence. This is true of the people of Drexel Hill, and when they are injured, they trust Pearce Law Firm, P.C.

Auto Accidents

Many residents of Drexel Hill fight the traffic on West Chester Pike east into Philadelphia to work. Others take I-476 to the west or south side of Philly to work in one of the steel plants or maybe at the airport. Locals take their kids to one of the schools in Drexel Hill or maybe a bit further into Upper Darby.

The retail outlets like Khols or Lowe’s Home Improvement in Drexel Hill draw in locals and many from other communities. Some come for the unique food fare like Chickie’s & Pete’s or long-standing favorites like Pizza Odyssey or Brothers Pizza & Restaurant.

The people of Drexell Hill drive a fair amount and they are among other drivers who come into the community, and all this driving puts them at risk for being injured in a car accident.

Commercial Delivery Trucks

The lack of industry in Drexel Hill keeps some of the big rigs off the streets, but there are still a fair amount of delivery trucks and box vans like FedEx or UPS. The retail outlets need to get deliveries, and there are some of the tanker trucks delivering fuel to the many gas stations in the community.

Trucks pose unique risks for Drexel Hill residents. The big rigs can weigh as much as 80,000 lbs and some of the smaller delivery trucks can still be carrying around 35,000 lbs as they dart in and around the community. Trucks also have large blind spots where pedestrians, bikers and small cars can get lost.

In a given community, truck accidents make up about 10 percent of all auto accidents, and Drexel Hill residents are at a greater risk than some communities because of the traffic on their roads and streets.

Pedestrians and Cyclists Accidents

Like all bedroom communities, there are a fair amount of people out taking a walk, going on a run or riding their bikes. The roads in the neighborhoods are often a bit quieter which can put people at ease. Once out on the main streets, the traffic density, the delivery trucks, ride-sharing cars and others can catch someone off guard. These accidents can cause serious injury as the person doesn’t have the protection of the seatbelt, airbags and the car itself.

Products Liability

Drexel Hill people work hard and spend that money on products, some of which can cause injury. When this happens, the injured can often be compensated by the manufacturer. There are two primary claims for product liability. One is for defective design which means that they way the product was designed caused someone to be injured.

The other is defective manufacturing. This happens when a part breaks or something falls apart which causes an injury. In either case, Drexel Hill residents will need to seek compensation from those responsible.

Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, when someone gets injured in an accident—no matter the type—there is a possibility that the person will die. When that happens, the family can file a wrongful death claim against the person or company that caused the death. The compensation is for things like loss of support, love and consortium and any expenses life medical or funeral.

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Drexel Hill residents have a great option if they find themselves in the need of a personal injury attorney. Edith Pearce is known for her compassion for the injured and passion for getting the most compensation for someone allowed by the law. If you find yourself in that situation, contact the Pearce Law Firm, P.C., today to start getting the compensation you need.