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Philadelphia Gas Station Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

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Philadelphia traffic doesn’t slow down for much of anything. About the only guaranteed break for local drivers is the stop we all have to make for a fill-up.

Gas Stations today can be a pump and a cash register, but with the newest mega-minimarts some stations are offering up a whole lot more. You can grab freshly cooked meals, a bowl of mac & cheese, groceries, and lattes all while you top off the tank.

The only problem is that with this increased service and activity like that of much bigger stores, gas station parking lots and aisles have more room for obstacles that can threaten to send you to the ground for a dangerous fall.

Help for Philadelphia Gas Station Slip-And-Fall Victims

Gas stations can be full of hazards that can take your feet out from under you, especially if the gas station isn’t properly maintained. You can slip on a puddle or leaking oil from the dozens of vehicles passing through and suffer a painful broken bone or even hit your head. At that point, are you sure a local gas station owner or a nationwide chain will help you pay for your emergency medical care and full recovery?

If you are injured in a fall at a gas station, contact the Pearce Law Firm Slip-And-Fall Attorneys serving the Philadelphia area and South Jersey. You weren’t to blame for your fall and you shouldn’t have to lose your savings and your job while trying to recover. Contact us for a free evaluation of your case and let us help determine the best path to getting a gas station to do the right thing and provide compensation to its victims.

Philadelphia Gas Station Dangers Inside and Out

Gas station proprietors owe every customer a “duty of care.” The legal concept means they should remove all hazards that could hurt visitors to their stores. When companies don’t see to this duty and visitors get hurt, they can be liable for the physical, emotional, and financial hardships that result. This is part of “premises liability” holding property owners responsible for any harm that befalls people invited into their businesses.

For their smaller footprints, gas stations have a surprising amount of room for dangerous obstacles. These are just a few of the potential hazards that can injure customers:

  • Inside the Gas Station – A glass bottle of tea dropped on the floor can sit unnoticed until your foot hits it or rolls on the broken glass and you suffer an injury. Employees are supposed to inspect for spills and clean them up as soon as possible, even posting signs as a warning, but sometimes that doesn’t happen in time. Bathroom floors can provide an almost constant slip-and-fall hazard. Floor mats can be a tripping hazard and send you falling forward to land on your knee, your face, or perhaps your hands and wrists take the damage. Boxes and candy pieces on the floor are also common problems.
  • Outside the Gas Station – Ice and snow in the parking lot is a store’s responsibility. They must keep the path from your car into the store reasonably clear. Ice forming around a car wash can also be a hazard. If snow is allowed to pile up, the proprietors can be held liable for injures. Crumbling pavement and sidewalks should also be patched before you have the chance to get hurt. Even slippery fluids leaked out near the pumps by constant vehicle traffic should be neutralized.

Gas Station Accidents in Philadelphia

Gas stations in Pennsylvania seem to be at war with one another to offer more and more services to beat out the competition. The effort to offer more is great but it needs to be followed by improved safety measures.

People stopping for a break at a gas station shouldn’t have to risk a broken hip, a busted knee, or a head injury just to grab a snack or fill the tank. If they are the victims of a fall, gas station companies should be forced to support those hurt through a full recovery.

These are just some of the gas stations in the greater Philadelphia area that we can help you file a claim against if you are injured. There’s more information included if you click on the gas station you’ve been dealing with:

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do after getting hurt at a Philadelphia gas station?

Take photos of the hazard that caused your fall. Use your phone to document the scene, then let managers know what happened so they can file an accident report. Make sure you get contact information from any witnesses.

How long do I have to file a gas station slip-and-fall injury lawsuit in Philadelphia?

Two years. Pennsylvania law allows victims up to 24 months from the day of their incident to file a claim for damages. An attorney working for you can help gather evidence and documents so that you can file as soon as possible and receive any potential compensation quicker.

Can I still get gas station slip-and-fall compensation if I caused my accident?

Yes. Under Pennsylvania’s comparative negligence laws you can take some blame for your fall, but a gas station owner can also share some of the blame. The gas station company might still have to compensate you for their portion of the liability.

Contact a Philadelphia Gas Station Slip-And-Fall Lawyer

If you take a fall at a gas station and are seriously injured, you may not feel like battling a giant company to get fair compensation. You shouldn’t have that worry as you try to recover and heal. Allow a Philadelphia Slip-And-Fall Accident Attorney to take up the fight and defend your rights.

For a free and confidential consultation, contact The Pearce Law Firm, P.C., defending victims in Philadelphia and surrounding counties as well as in South Jersey. Your physical and financial wellbeing can be at stake in these cases. Make sure your future isn’t taken from you by the unfair practices of insurance agents and lawyers working to protect large companies.


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