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Upper Darby PA Car Accident Lawyer

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Upper Darby PA Car Accident LawyerCar accidents happen all the time near Upper Darby and throughout Delaware County as a whole. For instance, some interesting statistics include that Delaware County is the sixth most populated county in Pennsylvania, and is ranked third in terms of counties in the state with the highest number of reported car accidents in 2019, according to Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s Crash Facts and Statistics report for 2019. Delaware County had more than 4,900 car accidents in that same year, with more than 2,300 resulting in injuries and 30 car accident-related deaths.

With the number of cars on the road and the increasing number of distractions facing drivers, it is likely that most of us will be in a motor vehicle accident at some point in our lives. The hours and days immediately following an accident are critical. Do you know what to do if you’re in a motor vehicle accident? What to take note of? Who to call? You’ll find an experienced Delaware County car accident lawyer at The Pearce Law Firm is here to help ensure you get the proper care and compensation after an accident. If you were injured in a Coatesville accident, we can help you obtain a Coatesville police accident report.

What Are The Common Causes of Accidents Near Upper Darby?

Upper Darby car accident attorney

Car accidents happen for a variety of reasons. Many have to do with negligence, inattentiveness, irresponsible driving, or defective parts. Some of the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents in and around Upper Darby include:

I Was In An Accident Near Upper Darby, What Should I do?

There are three things that should be done immediately after a car accident, if possible:

  • Record the scenePA Car Accident Lawyer
  • Seek medical attention
  • Contact an attorney

When you get in a car accident, if you are physically able, take a moment and get video or photographs of the scene of the accident. Write down everything you can remember about the events leading up to, during, and after the collision, while it’s still fresh in your mind. Details that may seem insignificant may be incredibly important for the accident report and later on. Next, seek medical attention, even if you feel okay. Not feeling pain immediately following the accident does not mean that you’re not injured. It is best to get checked out as soon as possible. After seeking medical attention, consult with an experienced Pennsylvania car accident lawyer. Your attorney will set out to develop a full understanding of the facts and circumstances leading up to your accident. Your lawyer will investigate the accident to assess who is liable and whether the accident could have been avoided or prevented. This assessment will identify any and all potential sources of recovery for the car accident.

Your lawyer will also help you obtain an evaluation of any car accident-related injuries you have sustained. This medical analysis will determine the extent and scope of your injuries so that a better valuation of the recovery you need to seek through your personal injury claim can be calculated. The calculation will take into consideration any incurred medical expenses, future medical care, lost wages, lost future earnings, and property damage.

Your Upper Darby car accident lawyer can also assist you with handling your insurance company, or the insurance company of the other driver. Dealing with insurance companies can be intimidating, as they work to undervalue your claim and find fault in your driving even if there is none. Your lawyer will stand up for your rights and will work with the insurance company to try and get you the compensation that you need so you can focus on recovering and getting back to your normal life.

How Do I Choose The Best Delaware County Car Accident Lawyer For My Case?

Ultimately, you want a legal team that will go to bat for you. A great personal injury team will allow you to focus on your recovery while they handle insurance companies and other details related to your accident in order to get you fair compensation for your injuries. The car accident lawyers at The Pearce Law Firm, P.C. have assisted numerous personal injury clients around Upper Darby and throughout Delaware County to obtain the compensation that they deserve for their car accidents. Let us help you with your claim.

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