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Dog bites and other injuries from animal attacks can be both serious and traumatic, especially for children. Dog bite injuries for children and adults may include disfiguring facial injuries, broken bones, lacerations, puncture wounds, rabies treatment, plastic surgery, mental and emotional trauma, and even death. Often the pet owner will turn any claim over to their homeowners’ insurance policy. It is a good idea to have a strong advocate on your side to deal with the insurance company.

In Pennsylvania, if a dog bites a victim without being provoked, the victim can recover for serious injuries. This was not always the case under Pennsylvania Dog Laws. Before Pennsylvania’s Dog Law was amended, a person had a difficult time recovering injuries under what became known as the “one free bite” rule. This rule made a victim prove that the dog had bitten before. This is no longer the case under Pennsylvania’s dog law.

dog biteIf a dog bite results in a severe injury, the victim can recover all losses and legal damages under Pennsylvania’s strict liability dog bite law. Under the Pennsylvania statute, a “severe injury” is “any physical injury that results in broken bones or disfiguring lacerations requiring multiple sutures or cosmetic surgery.” To recover after being attacked or bitten, the victim must prove that the dog inflicted severe injury without provocation. It does not matter in Pennsylvania if the dog previously bit a person prior to biting this victim.
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Philadelphia dog bite lawyer Edith Pearce is the daughter of a veterinarian and has a unique understanding of dog breeds; issues regarding animals; and the ins and outs of Pennsylvania’s dog laws. Before deciding to represent injured dog bite victims, Edith Pearce spent over ten years working as an attorney for an insurance company and defense firm. She knows all the “tricks of the trade” from the other side of the fence and knows how to navigate through the complexities and defenses of insurance companies in order to obtain full and fair compensation for injuries, medical bills, other losses, trauma and suffering.

In today’s environment, you need not only a Philadelphia dog bite lawyer with proven results, you need an exceptionally intelligent lawyer. As a member of MENSA, the high IQ society, Edith A. Pearce Esq. is not afraid to take on the largest insurance companies and handle the most complex personal injury cases in Philadelphia. Unlike the huge firms with dozens of attorneys and many different attorneys handling different aspects of your case, Philadelphia dog bite lawyer Edith Pearce is personally involved in every case the firm handles from start to finish. She genuinely cares about her clients and you will not be treated like just another case or file. Click here to download our Complete Guide to Dog Bites.

The Compensation You Deserve

If you or your child has been the victim of a dog bite or other pet attack, experienced Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer, Edith Pearce and The Pearce Law Firm is waiting to thoroughly investigate your accident and work diligently to arrive at a timely settlement or proceed to trial to obtain the compensation you deserve.

We are dedicated to protecting your rights and obtaining full and fair compensation for you.

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