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Middletown Accident Reports

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Middletown Police Report Lookup

The Middletown Township is an area of Bucks County that covers Parkland, Woodbourne, and the southwestern corner of Levittown from New Falls Road and west. If you’ve been in a collision here, chances are a police report will be generated for the accident. Middletown accident reports are available to those involved in the accident, their insurers, and their attorneys representing them.

Included in this Guide:

How to Submit Your Middletown Police Report Request:

  1. Reports are available to those involved in the accident, their insurers, and/or their attorneys representing them via the Borough Police.
  2. Reports are generally available about 14 days after the accident unless there is a fatality.
  3. Reports are a flat fee of $15. In-person cash is accepted, otherwise, make a check out to “Middletown Township“.
  4. Get your report via mail or in person at the municipal center which is located at 5 Municipal Way, Langhorne, PA 19047.
  5. Information needed includes your name and the date of the accident. If possible, include the accident report # and the name of the responding police officer.

Want it faster? Middletown will also email you your accident report if you request a copy via email in your letter.

If you don’t live nearby, you can save time by calling to verify that your report is ready before driving in. To check the report status, call 215-750-3845 and ask the receptionist for “records”.

Why Would I Need to Request a Middletown Police Report?

There are a variety of reasons you may need a copy of your accident report after a car accident in Bucks County. In addition to keeping a copy for your own records, your police accident report serves as an official and comprehensive documentation of the incident, including details of the accident scene, statements from involved parties and witnesses, and any preliminary findings by law enforcement.

This report can be invaluable when dealing with insurance claims, as it provides a neutral and authoritative account of the events leading up to the accident, potentially influencing the claims process in their favor.

Additionally, a police report can be crucial if an accident victim decides to pursue legal action against the responsible party, as it serves as a vital piece of evidence in establishing liability and supporting their case in court.

Ultimately, obtaining a copy of your Middletown PA accident report ensures that as the accident victim, you have access to a factual record of the incident, empowering you to protect your rights and seek appropriate compensation or legal remedies.

Can I Access Middletown PA Police Reports Online?

To safeguard private information and maintain the confidentiality of sensitive data, the Middletown police reports are not accessible online. However, individuals seeking access to these reports can do so by contacting the Middletown Police Department through email or phone. To request a copy of a police report, you can reach out to the department via email at or call them directly at 717-902-0627 during their office hours, which are Monday to Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. This approach ensures that personal and sensitive information contained within the reports remains secure and only accessible through authorized channels, contributing to the protection of individuals’ privacy and data security.

Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer Near Middletown?

If you have been involved in an accident involving a serious injury or a loved one passed away during an accident near Middletown, be sure to contact Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Edith Pearce for a free consultation.

Accident Reports For Communities Near Middletown

Below are the steps we recommend you take after any car accident in Pennsylvania:

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