Who Pays when a Car hits a House or a Business in Philadelphia?

When a car crashes into a house or business, it can be pretty frightening for those inside. One minute people are watching TV or maybe ordering some food and then the wall explodes and a car flies into the building. Not only scary but dangerous too as the injuries from one of these crashes can be serious and even lead to death.

Unfortunately, it happens a lot more than you’d think. In Philadelphia in four days from February 23, to the 27th, 2020, there were three separate vehicle building crashes that sent several to the hospital.

In west Philly on Sunday, February 23, around 2:30 a.m., a man was woken from his sleep when a pickup truck came through his front window. The truck collided with another vehicle on the street in front of his home and then careened into the side of the house. The man in the house wasn’t injured.

Then later that same day, an SUV crashed through a plate-glass window at Planet Fitness on Oregon Avenue in South Philly. There were plenty of people inside, but thankfully no one was injured.

Then on Thursday the 27th, five children were injured when a delivery driver crashed into a daycare. The car ended up fully into the building and didn’t stop until it hit a brick wall on the other side. 17 children aged 3 and 4, were inside playing and five of them were taken to a local hospital. One is still in critical condition.

Does the Driver Pay?

In most cases when a car is involved in an accident that causes damage or injuries, the at-fault driver of the car pays for all injuries and damages using their insurance coverage. It’s no different when a driver runs into a building, except there are some circumstances where liability isn’t that simple.

In some cases, the driver is working for a company, and in those cases, the company would be responsible for the damage so long as the driver was working in the course and scope of the company’s business.

There is also a possibility that the owner of the building might have some liability if they were in some way negligent. In most building-vehicle crashes, this is very rare. Also, there is a possibility that if the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance or has too little insurance, then the victim’s own auto insurance policy might pay if the victim had uninsured and underinsured motorist’s coverage.

This is because UM/UIM pays the victim for any injuries from an auto accident—even if they weren’t in a car—if the driver didn’t have insurance or not enough to cover all damages.

Building-Vehicle Crash Injuries

Many times the injuries from a building crash can be severe. When a vehicle crashes through a wall, there is likely to be flying debris including glass and metal. The force of the impact can send people flying and then suffer several impacts before the accident is over. Some of the most common of these injuries are:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Blunt Force Trauma
  • Deep Lacerations
  • Broken Arms/Legs
  • Fractured/Displaced Ribs
  • Deep Contusions
  • Nerve Damage
  • Organ Damage
  • Fatalities

If you’ve suffered any of these or other injuries from a car that ran into a building, you need to speak to an attorney who knows the law and knows where to look to get full compensation for the victims. Don’t talk to anyone from the insurance company or their attorneys until you have talked to an attorney who is on your side.

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