Insurance Headaches When Multiple Vehicles Crash in Pennsylvania

What happens when you get into an accident with multiple vehicles? Whose fault is it going to be? What if you can’t tell who’s at fault, does this mean no one is going to pay for all the injuries?

In any auto accident, the at-fault driver is going to pay for all the damages done to other vehicles and for any physical injuries. But in multiple vehicle accidents, it’s often tough to determine who was at fault for which injuries. For example, if a car gets hit twice, and an occupant of the car is severely injured, which impact caused the injuries?

It’s also likely that a person might be the cause of one of the impacts and an injured victim in another.

Five-Vehicle Crash on Roosevelt Extension

On Saturday, October 20, 2019, a five-vehicle crash closed down the Roosevelt Extension for several hours while EMS tended to the wounded and transported at least one victim to the hospital. The accident occurred between Fox Street and Bridge Avenue around 3 a.m. At least one car flipped over, and several others sustained extensive damage.

At the time of the report, police have no word on how the crash happened, and investigators were busy working the scene before it reopened around 6 a.m.

Insurance Policies

This accident is a good example of a crash that will be difficult to determine which driver is at fault for which collision. So, who pays for a multi-vehicle crash? A driver’s insurance policy is there to pay for any damage done by that driver’s negligence. This is called liability insurance, and it’s the primary reason why people get insurance. The insurance company is not obligated to pay for damages not caused by their client, so if there is any question about whose to blame, the insurance adjusters are going to point the finger at everybody but their client.

So, what happens then? If the insurance company won’t budge, then the victim has no choice but to take the driver to court, and the insurance company will have to pay out whatever amount the court awards, if any.

Negligence and Compensation

After the accident reports are finished, insurance investigators and victims’ attorneys look over the reports and try to determine which driver is at fault for which injury. This isn’t always easy to do, and the insurance company is going to insist that their client wasn’t the one who was negligent.

In Pennsylvania, each driver is responsible for their negligent actions, the law allows the blame to be split up between the drivers for each injury. This is called comparative negligence, and it allows the courts to assign compensation to each driver based on their percentage of fault in the accident.

Why You Need an Attorney

In cases where there are multiple victims and multiple at-fault drivers—with some being both an at-fault driver and an injured victim—those injured without an attorney will most likely come out on the short end of all the finger-pointing.

Comparative negligence can be tricky, and if one’s rights aren’t asserted, then that person might be left with little or no compensation for their injuries.

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