Pedestrian Accidents On Route 73 in Maple Shade NJ

Pedestrians in New Jersey are placed in high-risk situations when they find few safe options to travel from sidewalk to sidewalk. Sometimes there are no sidewalks and sometimes crosswalks are not designed to protect anyone on foot.

The Governor’s Office studied state accident rates over a six-year period. They found approximately 141 pedestrians are killed across New Jersey each year and around 270 victims are severely injured. Tragically, 9 pedestrians and 3 cyclists lost their lives across Burlington County in 2020 with dozens of serious injuries also documented.

A distracted driver can be lost in thought or be monitoring a cellphone when a pedestrian tries to cross a road. That inattention can cause a tragedy that has far-reaching consequences for victims and their families.

Pedestrian Injured in Maple Shade Accident

A pedestrian was hurt after getting hit by a vehicle late Wednesday Night in Burlington County in South Jersey. WPVI-TV reports the accident happened around 10:45 p.m. along Route 73 in Maple Shade on January 13, 2021.

Emergency Responders say the victim was struck near Fox Meadow Drive and Fellowship Road. The victim was rushed to the hospital. The person’s condition has not been released.

No charges in the accident had been filed as of early Thursday morning. The investigation into the cause of the accident continues.

Support for Burlington County Pedestrian Accident Victims

Pedestrians forced to face fast-moving vehicles and careless drivers can easily become the victim of a collision that is in no way their fault. The injuries can be debilitating and can even be severe enough to threaten lives.

Victims and their families should look to make sure an at-fault driver and his or her insurance firm face the consequences of a mistake. Victims should never have to worry over the high costs of medical care while they struggle to get back on their feet and rebuild their lives after an accident. The additional financial damage that can target victims and their families can be especially harmful to recovery. A victim may spend weeks or months unable to return to work and earn a living while they heal. This hardship should also fall squarely on an insurance company.

If you or a family member is the victim of a reckless driver, a claim for damages can be filed against an insurance policy to make sure every difficulty a victim and his or her family endure is considered as compensation is awarded. This civil claim can protect victims and their families down the road when more medical treatment suddenly becomes necessary or if a return to work becomes impossible due to lingering pain or a disability stemming from the accident.

Contact a South Jersey Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

After a careless driver strikes you or a loved one contact a South Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer such as Edith Pearce. Unlike the huge firms with dozens of attorneys and many different attorneys handling different aspects of your case, Edith Pearce is personally involved with victims and their families. She genuinely cares about her clients will fight to get every bit of compensation necessary to keep victims and their loved ones out of financial trouble.